Everything the Last of Us Part III Needs To Accomplish To Satisfy Fans

The world doesn't know much about The Last of Us Part III yet, but given the issues, fans have voiced and what few areas the second game left open for improvement, fans should expect at least a few reasonable changes. Wealth of Geeks speculates on some of them with a breakdown of things The Last of Us Part III needs to touch on.

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S2Killinit93d ago

I still would want Ellie’s worldview to reflect Joel in a way that displays his impact and reminds the player where it all started. You can’t just ignore that as if none of it happened. And I know ND being the epic storytellers that they are, would not miss this.

anast93d ago

Great point. I agree. It also would be weird just to erase Joel and somehow tie up Tommy's story.

seanpitt2393d ago

Bring Joel back kill Abby then everything will be all good

S2Killinit93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Ok sure I will do it.

TheKingKratos93d ago

Stop crying

That world is so harsh and Joel as much we all loved him was a shitty person and deserves what was coming by Abby or someone else ...his past was bound to catch up on him

And there is no Hero ending for him or anyone in that world and you should have seen that very clearly from Part 1

KwietStorm_BLM92d ago

Bring back a dead guy who murdered innocent people, then kill a girl who reacted the same way you would if your father was killed. Ok sounds good sure.

anast92d ago

That would turn the game into a cartoon. I just made a comment about this earlier.

seanpitt2392d ago

@kwiet "murdered innocent people" come off it 😂 Joel didn't want to kill anyone they were going to murder Ellie his second chance of a daughter! for a so called vaccine that might not have worked! What would you do if you had a daughter let them kill your daughter or save her

KwietStorm_BLM92d ago

Come off what? Her death would be an unfortunate outcome of the surgery, but she went with it. That's why Ellie herself was angry with Joel in part 2 for taking that away from her. Did you miss that? And you just said yourself, Joel made the decision to "protect" this girl, who is not his daughter, by taking away the potential cure for civilization all on his own, and then lied to Ellie on top of it. He's literally the reason why the post apocalypse continued on.

Everybody knows what he did was selfish, but because his character is the hero/protagonist, they just let it slide and get mad at Abby. The whole purpose of playing as Abby was to show that there were good people out there who were directly affected by Joel's decision.

Charlieboy33392d ago

Or say Part II was all a dream and then carry on with Joel and Ellie's story :P

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Christopher92d ago

*** You can’t just ignore that as if none of it happened.***

Right. But also, there's a whole game about that. Joel is a great character, but we don't need to make TLoU just about him and his actions in a world filled with people and problems.

seanpitt2392d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So in season 2 of the TV show Joel (Pedro pascal) will die straight away then obviously! But somehow I think they will string it out they are not going to kill pascal off on the first 2 episodes haha.. why because it's stupid! Bad writing! watch this space

Christopher92d ago

Killing off primary characters isn't bad writing, even if people are attached to them. Doing it poorly or without reason for moving the story ahead would be bad writing.

It might not be good marketing if the only thing good about your story is that one character. I doubt Pedro Pascal would see it that way. But not just straight up bad writing.

OtterX92d ago

To be fair, I thought Joel was going to die by the end of TLOU Part 1. That near fatal fall at the University, and the buildup of Ellie into the strong fighter during that period. I was happy that Joel survived by the end of TLOU1, but it did not surprise me that they killed him in Part 2. Did I like it? No of course not. We weren't supposed to like it. TLOU was always supposed to be about uncomfortable storytelling.

Now what I didn't like was not the fact that we played as Abby in Part 2..... it's the fact that we played as her for 10 hours. That was waaay too drawn out. I would have been fine w 2-3 hours as her.

Bathyj92d ago

I want a story structure to be like The Godfather II.
Modern day play as Ellie with whatever they decide to do.
Flashback levels play as Joel from the day of the outbreak to the time he meets Ellie.

The two stories should reflect and intersect each other at various points
If you’ve seen The Godfather II you know what I mean.

It should let you love and cherish Joel, but also show how brutal he had to be.
To paint him in a light where you still mourn his death but know he totally deserved it and had it coming.
You should feel conflicted playing as him because you will not be doing nice things.
Hes been on both sides remember? You might be killing people that really don’t deserve it.

JackBNimble92d ago

Epic story tellers?
I think they were doing ok in tlou2 right up until Ellie decided to give up her entire life, wife and kid to go get revenge and then let what's her face go .
Talk about shitting the bed and making a story completely pointless.

Good job ND👍

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anast93d ago

"Another pervasive criticism of Part II’s story remains the uneven pacing."

I have yet to see anyone count the story beats and compare it to another story which they think has good pacing.

"simplistic transformation"

How was Abby's transformation simplistic?

"Focus on a smaller cast"

Since there are no emergent NPCs, they need Manny et al. to make the world feel lived in.

"More creative weapons"

This would make the game look stupid.


The rest I can sign up for.

Crows9093d ago

Not much they can do. I'm actually worried that there's even a 3rd part. How much will Neil destroy the IP before putting it down.

anast93d ago

Neil is a solid writer. If it were up to people that hate Part II, the game would be superhero tripe, and this not even an opinion.

Crows9093d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I see this argument everywhere....yet nobody but those in favor of part 2 make it.

I guess it's the limitations of the mind at play here. If not a bad vengeance trope then it must only be a hero trope as the alternative.

Neil is such a bad writer that for years he couldn't get his story into a game until Bruce took it and completely changed it to what we love today. Neil is only taking advantage of the amazing dev team at naughty dog...which is creeping into obscurity this generation.

SixFrvgz93d ago

Neil is a solid writer - yes your mind clearly doesn't operate in the realm of reality.

LucasRuinedChildhood92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


anast is right. The most common suggestion from people who hate TLOU2 is that Joel should have died in a blaze of glory late in the game, protecting Ellie. If that's a limitation of the mind ... then surely you should direct your comment at the people actually making the suggestion rather than shooting the messenger?

Bruce doesn't have any writing credits on anything. He's not a writer. Bruce selected Druckmann and leaned on him to lead the creative side of things (creative director, writer) for a reason. Why do you think that is? And why do you think he did the same for Uncharted 4?

"Neil is such a bad writer that for years he couldn't get his story into a game" Druckmann came up with the concept when he was a college student. lol. Not sure how realistic you're being there. The amount he pulled off at NaughtyDog in a short amount of time afterwards (with a particular large role on Uncharted 2 as well) is hard to mock if you're sticking to the facts.

Crows9092d ago


No he is not accurate. Nobody said it needs to be late in the game. Later or in a more meaningful way with sure. Other criticisms included not misleading through trailers but that's irrelevant.

What messenger am I shooting. He replied to my comment. I wasn't talking to anast. What a poor response. You can say that about anything to anyone.

What Neil has pulled off at naughty dog is very simple. If you pay attention to the direction of the studio you can see why he was able to stick around and become head of the dev team. It's pretty obvious but certain people wear shades for stuff like that

92d ago
-Foxtrot92d ago


“ Bruce doesn't have any writing credits on anything. He's not a writer “

And yet Neil’s initial idea about TLOU when it was called Mankind was deemed “misogynistic”

Then the idea of Tess being the villain following Joel across America with a huge band of followers to get revenge after he had done something to her was deemed “unbelievable” by Bruce because in the harass landscape of TLOU world, nobody would follow someone for revenge especially having some many people follow her.

There’s plenty of interviews and Reddit “As me Anything” that they both did which basically shows you that Bruce was behind the story aswell for the first game despite not having writing credits.

Neil - “ I think a lot about design and Bruce thinks a lot about story. We wrestle with ideas and make sure story is working with gameplay “

Neil - “There's a lot of overlap in what we do”

In these interviews and the like there’s a lot of “we did this” and “we did that” about a variety of things about the game. It wasn’t one person, it was both of them.

anast92d ago

"I think stating "incels" were mad that gay people were in it is a huge oversimplification."

No it isn't. It's the reality of the situation. It doesn't matter who is gay and who isn't.

92d ago
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S2Killinit93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

No one destroyed the IP. They had a story to tell, and it was a grown up one. People were used to the videogame story arc, and wanted everything to turn out rosy. It didn’t. Then a bunch incels got upset that gay people were in it. So people bitched. Basically, people who couldn’t handle it for one reason or another.

Personally, I dont know what else can be done with the IP, but I dont see why the creators have to be limited by what I am able to think of. I just think the zombie genre is a bit tired at the moment, but so is everything else.

anast92d ago

Could have said it better. The "Neil is a bad writer crowd" wanted a cartoony hero story, which was cheap and color by numbers.

The zombies are only there to add urgency, it has to be something, I suppose.

MeatyUrologist92d ago

I think stating "incels" were mad that gay people were in it is a huge oversimplification. I have no problem with gay characters and representation in games, but it felt waaay too forced in part II. Everywhere you go it is gay characters, trans characters, pride flags, stories about gay lovers in a notebook, bigoted old white guys, cult that is a stand in for Christianity that hates and kills gays and trans people etc.

Some political messaging in a game is fine but this is getting hit over the head with a 20lb rainbow sledgehammer. All I hope for part III is they tone it down like 75% so it's not so over the top.

92d ago
Crows9092d ago

Revenge plot is a grownup plot...got it.

Yeah he talks about being grownup and responds in the most childish possible manner.