The State of Star Citizen in 2024

BY JAMES BELL: A look at the state of Star Citizen in 2024. The space simulation title is finally taking shape, however there is still someway to go.

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Knightofelemia82d ago

Only State I know is people keep feeding this thing money and get peanuts back.

PapaBop82d ago

$$$$$ it's raining $$$$ it's farting $$$$$ and it's probably sh!tting $$$$$$

jznrpg82d ago

50k ships 25k ships 10k ships

PCgamer9882d ago (Edited 82d ago )

12 years and it's just taking shape? Lmao! The game should already be done or at the very least in the polishing beta by now, yet here we are still a broken alpha and still selling dreams to suckers.


Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 released with support for the Vulkan API, as well as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

Cloud Imperium has released the Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Update which adds support for the Vulkan API, as well as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR.

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Markdn1d 23h ago

Wow awesome amazing, gonna go try it right now. I bet the improvements are amazing..... /s


Star Citizen showcases the creation of the two brand-new animals coming to alpha 3.23

Land on any planet in Star Citizen currently and you’ll be greeted by things like weather patterns, flora, and very possibly a derelict or two. What you won’t find are any animals, however. That’s going to change with alpha 3.23’s release, as CIG has finally put together two animals to populate certain planets. That’s not quite three, but it’s more than one!

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savedsynner6d ago

People will have had entire careers by the time this game reaches Gold status.

SimpleSlave6d ago

Two brand-new animals? Fantastic. This game should be ready by the time the Vault Dwellers come out from their Vaults Two Hundred years after the Apocalypse.

Any minute now...

Chilliersplash6d ago

And people keep saying this isn’t a scam ….. wake up people

Babadook76d ago

I really need to know when funding passes XX billion dollars. Please bless us with that update.

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Star Citizen Shows First Animals and More Features Coming With Alpha 3.23

Today Cloud Imperium Games released new videos focusing on the upcoming major update for the growing space game Star Citizen.

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