PC Makers Don't See Sales Spark From Microsoft's Windows 7

Most personal-computer makers aren't expecting Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) new Windows 7 operating system software to provide much of a sales spark when it debuts later this year, an influential investment analyst says.

Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes, during a conference call Monday, said none of the computer makers with which he met at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas cited Windows 7 as a potential sales driver, even though computer makers that adopt the software can add features such as touch screens or prolonged battery life.

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Powertesties3566d ago

I won't buy it but I will have it!

GiantEnemyCrab3566d ago

Is that supposed to mean you are going to steal it? Or do you get some type of OEM copy?

I would hope to think you aren't a thief actually bragging in Windows 7 thread about how you plan to steal it. That would be a really stupid thing to do.

DavidMacDougall3566d ago

You really think Microsoft is reading this? They don't care

Powertesties3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

You are an idiot. Haha You made it sounds like you are going to do something about me stealing Windows 7 (if that is what I am going to do????).

Well Sh*t for brains, bring it on. Haha

GlibGamer3566d ago

Oh boy, look at the internet tough guy! Must suck not being able to afford the things you want, right? Everything in the name of instant gratification, instead of working hard for what you want.

Powertesties3566d ago

Haha, you silly boy. Haha Internet tough man. Haha Just because I am aggressive and good at making my point doesn't make me a 'tough man.'
I love the elementary way in which you speak.

Just so happens to be I work in the tech industry. I am provided all of the latest software by my employer.

Another sh*t for brains 13 year old.

Your mom and dad must be proud of you. Their child can only think in 2d.

XxZxX3566d ago

I'll buy it.. Anything is better than my Vista Home Premium now.

Eiffel3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Who ever hired you must be an idiot, thats for sure.
Douchebagery - 1 bubble.

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heroicjanitor3566d ago

But it won't be huge compared to vista. It'll be the exact same, even if it is a better os, since it is on almost all new computers anyway. So the people who bought a computer bought vista, and the people who will buy a computer will buy windows 7

andron3566d ago

Many had to upgrade their pc's to handle Vista, so they probably won't need a new machine if they get winOs 7.

Nathan Drake3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

We're in an age where a Computer doesn't need much software in order to satisfy the user;A Computer needs the ability to go online,and a Computer needs the ability to execute software made by 3rd parties.

The Online space is all about socializing and self-promotion now,and this is Microsofts problem;You don't NEED Internet Explorer to go to Myspace/Facebook/Twitter,you don't NEED Windows Media Player to play a Video/play music,etc etc.Basically,the evolution of the Online space into a streaming and connected network has removed the necessity of having pre-installed software on your Computer.

This is why Windows 7 follows the "less is more" mentality that Apple have followed for a long time now,Microsoft have finally realized that bloating your OS is worthless in todays Online world.

Mark my words,3 Years from now,Windows won't be the standard OS in an HP/Dell computer.

FantasyStar3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I wouldn't underestimate Microsoft though. There's a reason they were able to hold majority marketshare for over 20 years and it wasn't because Apple didn't try.

Viper73566d ago

Interesting claim, and bossible to some point. However the timeline seems a bit too fast considering that they still hold what? 89% market.

but then again, I have seen far more macs within past few years than before. Also hearing linux increasing its popularity among the mini-laptops.

its gettign pretty interesting but I think windows will still remain pretty popular as ppl seem to hate learning new things.

FantasyStar3566d ago

I look forward to Windows 7 and see what Microsoft can do. If Windows 7 can successfully optimize their OS for Solid State Disks and succeed DirectX 11: I can imagine Windows 7 overtaking Windows XP in a matter of years. Golden Rule of Electronics and Computer Technology is Moore's Law.

Never forget that fact.

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