NieR: Automata Sequel Has Been Teased By Series Creator

A sequel to Square Enix and Platinum Games' action role-playing game, NieR: Automata, has been teased by series creator Yoko Taro.

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CrimsonWing6994d ago

Is Square’s ethics department gonna insert themselves into this one?

CrimsonWing6993d ago

They weren’t around “last time.”

isarai93d ago

Yoko Taro doesn't play that sh!t

93d ago
Dirty_Lemons94d ago

If it can be done right then amazing, yes please. Yoko Taro seems to change it up each time so I'm curious what a 'sequel' really means.

blackblades93d ago

Either way hope he learns and give her more outfits like Stella got.

vTuro2493d ago

On a sidenote assuming this is indeed Nier 3 then I kinda wonder if Yoko Taro will stick to his guns of creating new characters and stories each time, or if he'll continue with 2B & co due to their skyrocketing in popularity. I guess he'll probably do whatever Squeenix pays him to do lol, but I'm hoping for the former. 2B and her gang got a decent enough conclusion (especially for a Yoko game) and I feel like continuing their story would ruin it.

vTuro2493d ago

Actually, now that I think about it, a new Nier game would technically be Nier 4 since the gacha Reincarnation was declared as the sequel to Automata and is therefore Nier 3.

Dirty_Lemons93d ago

Oh man, that game was a slog. Graphics and music were excellent though, and it's nice directly strongly to Automata.

Red3f1ned93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Tifa is a good sign. There's at least some hope, lads.
Just maybe they'll leave things alone.

Plus, like people are saying - Taro don't play that sh*t.


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just_looken3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Ha man what is this the 8th time they are working on this issue?

SO the game is using division one maps/assets with some divison 2 thrown in with that we can say they never really made the maps so what have they been doing for there 6 to perhaps 8 years of dev time? must be alot of hookers/blow/parties.


Notellin3d ago

It's astounding how much money they blow and this is the results. Gaming development is out of control.

just_looken2d ago

Right even when ubisoft cancelled division heartland as a beta player that game was a far better state then they push with this trash of a game that is still in a beta state after 3 years of delay's.

we are so starved of any decent fps/3rd person shooters out there it seems we will take anything even though some ps2 fps games were more fun then this game in my old opinion.

FPS_D3TH3d ago

Skeptical because it was an issue with ALL the betas and still hasn’t been fixed

just_looken2d ago

Its like they are using division one servers but they caught fire then were put together with barry/carols help from the janitors wing or some shit. Three years they still can not make it so the gun goes boom the guy gets hit then damage is applied.


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