Star Citizen Launches Massive Capital Ship Capture Event as New Space Combat Mechanics Are Discussed

Developer Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to evolve its space sim Star Citizen, with a new event and a look at new upcoming features and content.

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Jin_Sakai58d ago

In other news.

Star Citizen’s live game director is leaving his position after nine years at CIG (which has not released one single game)

SimpleSlave58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Maybe the real released game was the friends we made along the way...

Markdn58d ago

Yawn, and in more exciting news, paint dries

RedDevils58d ago

Can we not promote this scammer here.

phoenixwing58d ago

Idk man I bought a 10k dollar ship and I feel over the moon. :)


rippermcrip58d ago

Abriael would be out of a job.

RhinoGamer8857d ago

Chris Roberts was on Car and Driver last week, he has over 15 Ferraris... each named for an SC mega donor.
#suckers #born #everyminute

StarcrossedBits57d ago

That is so insane. Reminds me of Uwe Bole, the guy made a living making terrible videogame movies like Bloodrayne cuz he used tax breaks to make money before the movie was ever released. They didn't have to make money, he got rich just by making the movies - their actual box office performance was irrelevant.

Feels just like Chris Roberts. The guy is getting filthy rich by just *making* a game, doesn't matter at all whether its good or actually ever releases. So what motivation does he have to release it if he made enough money for 15 Ferraris just making the a game.


Star Citizen Shows First Animals and More Features Coming With Alpha 3.23

Today Cloud Imperium Games released new videos focusing on the upcoming major update for the growing space game Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen Developers Want to Implement Body Customization but It Won't Be Soon

Star Citizen will soon get a rather impressive character customization feature in alpha 3.23, but it's limited to the head. Yet, developers also want to implement body customization in the future.

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_SilverHawk_32d ago

Well I guess they couldn't have done so within the last two decades working on the game so probably it'll take another two decades

peppeaccardo31d ago

in the meanwhile they have implemented the gamers' wallet customization .... from full to empty !

banger8832d ago

Oh look it's a Reddit moderator in the thumbnail.

Knightofelemia32d ago

All that money and a key feature will be added later wow.

RonnySins31d ago

I don’t comprehend how some people still defend this scam.

anast31d ago

Anyone that bought Mario games for the last 30 years would also fall under this category.

DarXyde30d ago

I quite enjoy my Mario games, thanks.

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Star Citizen Shows Off New Personal Hangars Coming in Alpha 3.23

Today Cloud Imperium Games showcased in detail one of the major new features coming to its growing space game Star Citizen.

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VenomUK32d ago

Personal Hangars sound brilliant for what is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious games in the galaxy.
And worth it too, you only need to make a $10,000 donation…
..to get on the waiting list.

Knightofelemia32d ago

Just a giant blackhole simulator sucks up everything in sight really loves money from the fools.

RhinoGamer8832d ago

The Gold Plated Christ Roberts Hanger is 50% off at $25,000.