Skull and Bones Review: "This Boat Is Visibly Sinking" [Screen Rant]

Screen Rant writes, "Ubisoft's Skull and Bones has numerous design problems, but there's also a solid multiplayer ship combat game amidst the wreckage."

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Top 30 Most Disappointing Video Games

Despite all the hype, marketing, development time and resources behind them, these blockbuster titles would disappoint fans.

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solideagle4d ago

I think I platinumed it, It was awesome especially the first time you come across the horde

peppeaccardo3d ago

One of the best open world zombie game ever. Very engaging great story graphics and all.
These mofo should go back playing starfield and change phil's diaper.

thorstein4d ago

The Order 1886 wasn't disappointing.

It was great.

Maybe do an article about Games Journalists Lied About. That would be a good read.

FPSRUSSIA4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I Agree The order 1886 is Great but Short to bad there wont be a Sequel since the Developers Moved on to other Platforms.

DustMan4d ago

I thought it was great while it lasted. As soon as things got interesting and the action picked up the game ended. When it was over I legit was like "that's all of it?"

jimb0j0nes4d ago

Sure, the campaign was terrible, but MW3 isn't even the top three most disappointing COD games...

anast4d ago

That's a lot of Bethesda games on that list. Where's Starfield?

TwoPicklesGood4d ago

Whole lot of Sony games with Forsaken, Days Gone, Risen of the Ronin, and The Order 1886.

anast4d ago

In reality only one of those Sony games is actually just okay, and the others are good to solid. Whereas the Bethesda ones are objectively bad.

Tacoboto4d ago

Two of those Sony games aren't Sony games and the two that actually are, Sony clearly agreed based on their cutting ties with longtime partner Ready at Dawn and their well-reported rejection of DG2.

I'd like to check out The Order someday soon and see how it holds up since that style of shorter game fits my mood lately, but Forspoken was uniformly panned and RotR is a sign that Team Ninja needs to ease off the gas a bit to focus on quality over quantity.

Tacoboto4d ago

Suicide Squad being at number 2 or even in this list seems like a freebie - its existence alone was disappointing, I don't think many people actually had positive expectations for it near release.

Not having Starfield at all feels like they're ignoring a huge conversation of last year. Even as someone that likes the game, ignoring its reception is head-in-the-sand at best and its restrictions were magnified by its release alongside Baldur's Gate 3. The disappointment many feel about it FARRRRR exceeds any disappointment people have for random third party titles like... Biomutant, and Exoprimal... Same could be said for reception around Forza Motorsport.

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Skull and Bones Review: Our Verdict After 200 hours of gameplay | FinalBoss

Dive into our in-depth review of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft's latest MMORPG venture. After 200 hours of navigating tumultuous seas and engaging in naval warfare, we explore what sets this pirate adventure apart.

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CrimsonWing6927d ago

How much did they pay you? I’m kidding, there’s always crazy opinions out there that can be so off the mark it’s baffling. There’s so much better games out there worth 200 hours of your time than this.

FinalBoss27d ago

Haha, if only they had paid me, right? I wish, but they did not :)
But in all seriousness, I've been playing Skull and Bones since the closed beta, as I mentioned in my review, and I genuinely enjoyed it.
It's just my personal take on it. And whenI read review with others from the gaming press, I noticed that many critics have spent far less time with the game, sometimes around just 10 hours.
If you dive into my review, you'll see I'm not shy about pointing out the game's flaws alongside its strengths. It's all about sharing diverse opinions, and I appreciate yours!

ModsDoBetter27d ago

6-7 imo.

Base games on value.
I got 80hrs out of it before I burnt out, <0.70p per hour. Can't go wrong.

FinalBoss27d ago

That's a solid way to measure a game's worth! :)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your time with Skull and Bones for a good 80 hours before reaching your limit. I guess it's coincide with the factory grind. Now it's much better with their last update.
Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!

Patrick227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Wow, based on this review I wouldn't trust your opinion on any game. This game is pure unmitigated trash. Whoever wrote the plot wouldn't know a good story if it ran over them with an 18 wheeler, and the gameplay is even worse. You couldn't give me this game if you put it in a PS5 that I was being given for free. It's a sorry excuse for a pirate game or a game in general. I'd give it a 3 at best.

FinalBoss26d ago

Based on your comment, it seems you might not have had a chance to play the game yourself and are perhaps basing your opinion on what's circulating online.
Just like how some people love pineapple on pizza while others see it as blasphemy, games can evoke a wide range of reactions. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and it's totally okay for us to have different views on what makes a game enjoyable.


PS5 Best-Selling Console in the US in February, Helldivers 2 Best-Selling Game

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in the US in February 2024 in terms of units sold and dollar sales, according to figures from Circana (formerly The NPD Group). Circana includes the dates for the four week period of February 4 to March 2.

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Nyxus33d ago

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was the #2 best-selling premium game of February, instantly becoming the 4th best-selling game of 2024 YTD. Also debuting on the chart in February was the Final Fantasy VII Remake & Rebirth Twin Pack, placing 8th in February and at #16 for the year."


MrNinosan33d ago

No no no... it's a big failure according to folks around here because it sold less physical copies in Japan than FFXVI.

thorstein33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Skull & Bones was 4th / 9th so far this year.... also a big failure according to folks songs here.

Bathyj33d ago

Did people say skuil and bones was a failure or that it sucked?