I'm Already In Love With Nightingale's Creature Designs

Eldritch abominations right in your own backyard.

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Nightingale Patch 0.1.3 Major PC Fixes

ESTNN writes: "Nightingale's 0.1.3 patch takes aim at quest blockers and proper crop growth, while adding new and improved recipes on the crafting tables."


Nightingale's Realm Cards Are Ruining Other Survival Games for Me

Realm Cards allow the player to manipulate the world around them in Nightingale, and this mechanic is a huge win for survival games.

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Psychonaut8550d ago

Not usually a game genre that interests me but this looks so cool. Hoping it comes to console eventually.


Nightingale Early Access review in progress - a convoluted mess

Survival games are a dime a dozen, and while some can push the genre to new heights, Nightingale only serves to rehash the same well-trodden tracks with a different lick of paint.

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