Contra: Operation Galuga Revitalizes The Run-And-Gun Classic

Contra: Operation Galuga Reimagines The Original Contra

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darthv7260d ago

i thought the demo was pretty fun.

shinoff218360d ago

Hell yea. I honestly felt what I played was damn near the old contra. I think super c but it's been along time I could be wrong. Either way I'm down. Now just hit me in the face with a disc

DarXyde60d ago

Another series too good for Konami.

mastershredder60d ago

What is crappy about this is that Konami could have hired some less experienced kids right out of school that have a passion for playing retro games, but just don't have one damn origional idea and they would have gotten the same results = WayForward. WayForward is a flag for crapy retro-inspired cash-grabs. They " Settled" for WayForward. Remember that.

gleepot57d ago

WF has made plenty of good stuff.


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Hanzala from eXputer: "Contra: Operation Galuga, though nothing new and has some story issues, is still a love letter to Contra fans just wanting to shoot stuff."


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Who’s down for some old-school, challenging, curse-word-inducing fun?

We’re happy to inform gamers that Contra: Operation Galuga provides just that; and it provides a lot of it. Contra: Operation Galuga is a remake/sequel to one of the most difficult, yet satisfying NES games ever created. It provides old-school gameplay for that familiar feel, but also provides enough new features and mechanics that it feels new and refreshing.

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