Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection: Special Discounts for Early Owners

Pre-order the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection and save 20% if you own the original games. Launching March 14 on all platforms.

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ZeekQuattro58d ago

Let's hope they deliver on the new content. We don't need another KOTOR II situation.

Profchaos56d ago

I'm very tempted to grab this but the price is a little high even with these discounts

badboyz0955d ago

This has nothing to do with the EA someone confirm?

MVPK202255d ago

I just wish that they would open up the older servers on the old Xbox rather than oh let's go ahead and just open it up on the Xbox One I played the old Xbox The Xbox 360 and the new one and the older one I would say is the better one

MVPK202255d ago

Only reason why I say that is cuz I have all the old games anyways and I don't see the reason for buying a collection unit that has both games in it like why not just open up the servers and just allow us to play the old Star wars battlefront and Star wars battlefront 2


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