US game revenue gets a 15% bump in January | US Monthly Charts

Tekken 8, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Persona 3 Reload debuted among the month's top-sellers.

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Nyxus60d ago

"The report adds that, at 39 months since its launch, the PlayStation 5's lifetime sales are currently 7% ahead of the PlayStation 4 during that same period. Sony's home console is also 68% ahead of the PlayStation 3's life-to-date sales."


Bathyj60d ago

Console industry is stagnant right?

Christopher60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think that's respective of market reach for consoles as a whole, not spending/revenue? Let alone that stat was accounting for PS and Nintendo filling in the losses by Xbox.

Bathyj60d ago

Yeah, the point I was making. Total number of consoles not really growing with one side severely underperforming, hence cries of stagnation.

Plus, a business doesn't need to grow every year to succeed. It needs to make profit. I don't care what Microsoft says. They don't make profit. You can't spend 80 billion and then not include that as an expense against your revenue. Not how business works.

You need to deduct your expenses from your revenue to work out your profit. I've understood that since Lemonade on Commodore 64.

badz14960d ago

Any reason why TLoU2 suddenly rose to #9 in the chart?

MrNinosan60d ago

Because the Remaster released 19th of January

badz14960d ago

oh...yea...totally forgot about that. but why doesn't it says Remaster in the chart?

MrNinosan60d ago

Because buying the PS4-version, and then do the $10 upgrade is cheaper.
So my guess is that it's the actual PS4-Version that has skyrocket to #9

badz14959d ago

that makes total sense. haha tq

purple10159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Also ps5 is on sale in the uk for £419
for the kids half term break I expect and people need games with their console some will have seen the hbo series this may have helped


Mortal Kombat's Way Of Dealing With Rage Quitters Is Just What Tekken 8 Needs

Fahad from eXputer: "Bandai Namco has been banning excessive rage quitters in Tekken 8, but their solution doesn't punish those who don't rage quit as often."

Furesis3d ago

This "issue" has been blown way out of proportions. I have never seen someone rage quit on anyone that i've watched and i personally have maybe close to 200h in myself and this has never happened to me. Sure if they can make it like MK great but this is such a none issue imho.

slayereddy21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

Your experience is nothing compared to the information they will have on disconnects, so if they say it is an issue you will accept that it is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

ReBurn2d ago

I'm ok with banning serial pluggers in ranked matches. But what I would like to see happen instead is to put people with higher than acceptable disconnect percentages into matches with other pluggers until they stop disconnecting. Let the pluggers play together in separate lobbies until they learn to lose gracefully.

slayereddy21h ago

As well as the measures they have implemented why can't they just seamlessly change the inputs from player to AI player so the player can continue the match and still recieve the match points.


Top 30 Most Disappointing Video Games

Despite all the hype, marketing, development time and resources behind them, these blockbuster titles would disappoint fans.

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solideagle4d ago

I think I platinumed it, It was awesome especially the first time you come across the horde

peppeaccardo4d ago

One of the best open world zombie game ever. Very engaging great story graphics and all.
These mofo should go back playing starfield and change phil's diaper.

thorstein4d ago

The Order 1886 wasn't disappointing.

It was great.

Maybe do an article about Games Journalists Lied About. That would be a good read.

FPSRUSSIA4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I Agree The order 1886 is Great but Short to bad there wont be a Sequel since the Developers Moved on to other Platforms.

DustMan4d ago

I thought it was great while it lasted. As soon as things got interesting and the action picked up the game ended. When it was over I legit was like "that's all of it?"

jimb0j0nes4d ago

Sure, the campaign was terrible, but MW3 isn't even the top three most disappointing COD games...

anast4d ago

That's a lot of Bethesda games on that list. Where's Starfield?

TwoPicklesGood4d ago

Whole lot of Sony games with Forsaken, Days Gone, Risen of the Ronin, and The Order 1886.

anast4d ago

In reality only one of those Sony games is actually just okay, and the others are good to solid. Whereas the Bethesda ones are objectively bad.

Tacoboto4d ago

Two of those Sony games aren't Sony games and the two that actually are, Sony clearly agreed based on their cutting ties with longtime partner Ready at Dawn and their well-reported rejection of DG2.

I'd like to check out The Order someday soon and see how it holds up since that style of shorter game fits my mood lately, but Forspoken was uniformly panned and RotR is a sign that Team Ninja needs to ease off the gas a bit to focus on quality over quantity.

Tacoboto4d ago

Suicide Squad being at number 2 or even in this list seems like a freebie - its existence alone was disappointing, I don't think many people actually had positive expectations for it near release.

Not having Starfield at all feels like they're ignoring a huge conversation of last year. Even as someone that likes the game, ignoring its reception is head-in-the-sand at best and its restrictions were magnified by its release alongside Baldur's Gate 3. The disappointment many feel about it FARRRRR exceeds any disappointment people have for random third party titles like... Biomutant, and Exoprimal... Same could be said for reception around Forza Motorsport.