With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's wild gameplay, your PS5 will feel more like a Nintendo DS

Taking full advantage of every inch of the PS5 DualSense controller, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth could feel oddly similar to a Nintendo DS game at times.

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jznrpg56d ago

It will make it feel like an old handheld with low resolution?

VincentVanBro56d ago

This is one of those boring days at the office

NotoriousWhiz56d ago

Actually, they were high, so a pretty good day for them.

Charlieboy33356d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Oh yeah, I'm sure we all remember the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the DS....plus the gyro. It's all so similar!

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Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 to Be "Curtain Call" for Newly Introduced Characters From Remake & Rebirth

According to the devs, Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 will be "curtain call" for some of the newly introduced characters in Remake and Rebirth.

-Foxtrot1d 3h ago

What about VII in general

It’s time to focus on other FF games rather than just FFVII

gold_drake10h ago

big nope haha

if they make newer 7 games woth the same quality they lut into reborth, im more than up for it.

newer titles will always be developed at the same time.

fsfsxii9h ago

Damn you always find something to complain about wtf

-Foxtrot9h ago

Hows that complaining? Not wanting something to be exploited forever and wanting other FF titles to be remade or get some love so their fans can enjoy it.

Got to love full on die hard trolls, fanboys and more being on here with no filter and yet you'll pick on me to complain about...

You got nothing to say other than to have a little bitch about me then take it to the PMs or f*** off

jambola8h ago

Think you hit a nerve 😂

fsfsxii8h ago

🤣🤣🤣 29315;🤣
Touch grass bro

Miraak82 8h ago

What are you talking about ?? xvi's 2nd dlc just came out and xiv's new expansion comes out in a couple months . They've been feeding us good . A triple dose of FF in a span of a few months which is basically consuming a majority of my gaming time for the rest of the year.

Inverno8h ago

People love safe sequels, then complain when publishers make nothing original. They've made 1 actual mainline sequel since 15, no clever spinoffs, people forget how many games they used to make during the PS1 and 2 days. Definitely time to move on from milking 7, end it on a high note.

Armyofdarkness7h ago

I agree. I love VII but this remake trilogy should be it. Please no crap like Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus after this.

franwex2h ago

In 20 years we will get the remake of the remake of FF7. Looking forward to it.

Also, screw FF8, hehe.

MrNinosan1h ago

I mean, there is 1 studio working on VII content, and other studios working on XVII and other projects.

I want the VII games to keep coming til I die.
I mean, the last 20 years of Final Fantasy games has been good but none has been as good as VII Rebirth.

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XiNatsuDragnel19h ago

That'll be great if ps6 had a one disc edition using that new physical media format that was announced recently.

gold_drake10h ago

i think we'll get a collection for the next gen

XiNatsuDragnel8h ago

I hope so I heard of a pb disc announcement too so it'll be perfect but I know companies afraid of the power of physical media lol.

fr0sty5h ago

The problem with those discs is the same as all disc formats, high seek time (latency) and low transfer rates.

gold_drake10h ago

thats ok, but i do like the new introduced characters

Lexreborn21h ago

I’m 110 hours into Rebirth, I have been doing EVERY side quest, battle and exploring the map. I absolutely love the way they expanded the narrative for all characters.

Even the sub stories actually feel like they are done well with Kyrie and her grand mother. Leslie impacted by don corneo. Chadley having a connection to Hojo and more.

Barrett is such a good person caring and considerate, heck when they were in the mythril mines and Tifa was concerned for the robes. Cloud was dismissive but Barrett saw Tifas sadness and offered himself to check on them to make her feel better.

That’s one of MANY interactions that just landed for me so well. I’m so glad I chose to take my time and appreciate this game


Aerith Gainsborough Gains More Power, Thanks to Rebirth’s Ending

The Outerhaven writes: Aerith Gainsborough has always played an integral role in Final Fantasy VII. But with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the ending ensures that you'll know it.

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gold_drake2d ago


she was already plenty powerful even without rebirth, especially if you read the novals and watched the movie.

it definetly was a battle between her and Sephiroth and cloud was just there for show ha.