Helldivers 2 server cap pushed to 700k but devs know it’ll still break

The Helldivers 2 servers are bigger than ever thanks to a new update, but even the game’s devs are worried it isn’t enough for PS5 players.

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Sharky23157d ago

I love how fast the devs are addressing every problem. These guys are great. Sony needs to put a ring on it quick!

Si-Fly57d ago

LMAO okay. Last weekend is still fresh in my mind when the game had already been out for 10 days, I can’t remember another game taking as long to sort out their issues as this. Even Diablo 3’s launch was smooth AF compared to this shit show.

Honestly feels like PC players tell it how it is but the PS5 brigade have got their heads rammed so hard up Sonys butt they’ll forgive them for anything.

thorstein57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

We're in the twilight zone. Total celebration for this game as it pushes the servers to 700k players.

Another game that was hated at launch has had 3 times as many players but is "struggling to get that many players." I don't understand the community at all.

This game has "record sales and launch on Steam for Sony" the other game debuted higher in the sales chart on every system and the servers are full... but the stories are that no one is playing the other game.

Where are we?

Is this a good game? Yes. It's a lot of fun. Is it GaaS? Yes. Microtransactions? Yes. Always Online? Yes. DRM? Yes. Bugs? Yes and Yes.
Is the other game a good game? yes. It's a lot of fun. Is it GaAs? No. MMO. Microtransactions? Yes. Always Online? Yes. DRM? Yes. Bugs? No.

We are in the twilight zone.

isarai57d ago

Diablo 3 had literally thousands of devs and is owned by Activision. Arrowhead are only 100 devs and are independent. Not the same at all bruv.


Difference between predatory cash grab, and a non-predatory game that's fun from the getgo and has soul.

ironmonkey57d ago

Your definitely not playing it so why bicker?

Palitera57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's unbelievable the praise these guys have got for releasing a seriously broken game (and quite barebones too). The core gameplay is crazy fun, though.

Andrew33656d ago

People on here don't really want to play and enjoy games. They want to find out what they can complain about and focus on that.

thorstein55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It is a money grab. But it doesn't negate a thing I said.

And both games are fun. It's not mutually exclusive.

I play the other one when I can't get on Helldivers.

But, the state this game is in isn't a 9/10.

7 or 7.5. 9.0 when the bugs are fixed and we can log in regularly.

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Flenter57d ago

Definitely. And it's going to happen soon!

isarai57d ago

This is literally their answer to the GAAS push, not forcing their single player devs to make GaaS games and delaying the hell out of everything.

isarai57d ago

It's already FAAAAAAAAAR better than before. Been playing like 4hr sessions the past 2 days with a full squad of friends no problem besides 1 instance where one teammate lost connection but rejoined in like 1min no problem.

P_Bomb56d ago

I’ve been logging in instantly for a few days now. Slightly improved matchmaking too. My only gripe was at least relegated to in-game. Damn team killer targeted me! Down with griefers, lol!

SonyStyled56d ago

I said months ago this game would flop. I was very wrong.
There was little hype for a sequel to a small top-down PS3/Vita/PC shooter.
I’m glad the studio found greater success over Helldivers 1

Eonjay56d ago

I had a feeling it would do good due to the way the HD1 community and players were getting so hyped for this. The first game also has a really glowing reception and the third person translation seemed really solid.

Still, I was shocked it did THIS well.

isarai56d ago

It honestly wasn't even on my radar because I'm just not that Into top down games like the 1st one. But good lort this game is great on so many levels

anast56d ago

Good to see another fellow oracle. You will get better with practice.

Bathyj56d ago

I've been having a pretty smooth run all week.

Other than trying to rescue those scientists obviously.

Eonjay56d ago

Yeah its practically impossible.


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