Blu-ray Disc content market almost tripled in US in 2008

Sales and rentals of Blu-ray Disc content almost tripled in 2008 despite an overall downturn in the U.S. home entertainment market, an industry association reported at last week's Consumer Electronics Show.

The entire Blu-ray Disc market in the U.S. was worth US$750 million last year, up from $270 million in 2007, according to the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). The overall U.S. consumer home entertainment rental and sell-through market fell 5 percent in value to $22.4 billion, the DEG said. Based on these figures Blu-ray Disc accounted for just over 3 percent of the market in 2008.

Blu-ray Disc player sales, including Sony's Blu-ray-based PlayStation 3, hit almost 10 million units of which 3 million were sold in the fourth quarter alone, said the DEG.

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butterfinger4199d ago

Lol. I am very pleased to see blu ray doing so well, especially in my native country. I can't wait for the Bourne Tilogy on 1/27!


i know right i thought it was doomed but looks to me thats its kicking some major A$$

"The 10-year old DVD format remains king." as for this its only a matter of time till Blu-ray is KING and PS3

Raoh4199d ago

LOL funny you dont see the usual anti ps3 and blu ray is a dead format scoundrels when positive blu ray and/or ps3 news are delivered..

Doomed, I say! DOOMED!


solidjun54199d ago

to come out and put his negative spin on it and write his doom and gloom article, like he always does.

prunchess4199d ago

Most if not all the CNET staff have a BluRay player of some kind!

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pwnsause4199d ago

dont you know how to multiply....Dumb.....

koston36474199d ago

what? no quadruple?? lame


fullmetal1564199d ago

if this is considered fail what the hell is a win?

muddygamesite4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

This is in fact fantastic news. It definitely shows Blu-ray was and IS a success. There were so many individuals and organizations that desperately awaited the downfall of the format (Microsoft). Now they are all silent. News like this will continue to Silence them.

Now when you sit down and think about it . . . The PS3 is the best and greatest value for money blu-ray player out there. This simply means eventually all the haters will have to adopt the format when it Becomes the standard (They have no choice, they cannot continue to caress the dead HD-DVD format). When they walk into the electronics store, these haters will be looking for the best blu-ray player that constantly receives updates. There is none other than the PS3. It also doubles as a fantastic Video games console with games that are seriously defining the word "NEXT GENERATION". So in one way or the other, these Haters will eventually buy a PS3. Its only a matter of time. Inevitable fate.

Well Done Sony. Your Decision to include Blu-ray in the PS3 was a wise decision despite the comments alot of short sighted developers and console makers made.