Hi-Fi Rush PS5 Version Officially Announced, Preorders Open

Bethesda has announced the official release date for Hi-Fi Rush PS5 version. The rhythm-based action game will be released for PS5 on March 19, 2024 at 12 AM.

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shinoff218359d ago

I'll be buying mine off limited run. I'll take physically please.

purple10158d ago

il be playing mine in a year or so on ps+ for £000.000

I buy all games physically but after Microsofts shady practices, Im am agains giving them extra ££ to stuff their pockets with more than I need to

darthv7258d ago

You pay for PS+, Sony pays MS to have the game on PS+... MS gets your $$ either way.

When everyone plays, we all win.

shinoff218358d ago

That's why I'm buying physical on ps5 instead of the Xbox physical. I'll support the other company

Shiro17358d ago

Damn one of Xbox best exclusive is going to ps5... Ggs

Abnor_Mal58d ago

Give the game away for pretty much a dollar on one platform, but expect another platform to pay $70.

I’ll play it when it finally arrives in PS Plus, same as I’m about to do with The Outer Worlds.

Ninver58d ago

That's the way it should be. Bravo on standing up to corrupt double standards. I'll wait for it to hit ps plus too.

Psychonaut8558d ago

HiFi rush is $26.99 on PS5. Not $70. Cuz I was gunna wait as well if it was 70, but it’s not. Preorders just dropped.

Abnor_Mal58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Well that’s cool it’s not $70, but the principle still stands.

The_Blue58d ago

Dunno how you have 4 thumbs up and you lied about the price.

Abnor_Mal58d ago

I guess because even though the pricing was wrong the sentiment was thought to be correct by those that agreed.

darthv7258d ago

there is nothing wrong with waiting to play it when you feel it is worth it. PS+ gets your $$, and MS gets a portion of your $$ as a result. Just like MS got everyone else's $$ who played it in GP.

Regardless of how you feel towards the principal... the game is fun and worth playing.

Abnor_Mal58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Exactly, since I’m already paying for PS Plus MS would get a small percentage of my money. Remember I said I would not buy The Outer Worlds a few years ago, well now I would consider playing it on Plus because even if I didn’t a very small percentage of my money would still be going to the game and into MS pockets.

I will likely check it out on Plus, but it’s not the type of game I play as I’ve never got into any rhythm games before, same with platformers.

Also in none of my comments do I knock the games themselves, just Xbox/MS business practices. I know you’re not saying that, I just wanted to make that clear to anyone else who think I have something against the game itself.

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Psychonaut8558d ago

Sweet it’s only $26.99 US. Was curious what the price would be.

BrainSyphoned58d ago

The "see, Playstation owners don't buy games either" articles are going to be among the worst written by the shills.

shinoff218358d ago

This game isn't gonna hit the masses I'm sure, but we will pay for it. I'm just going physical whenever lrg opens up pre orders

Charlieboy33357d ago

You know it's coming.....just because we don't want to buy crap that they weren't willing to buy either.

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Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 and the Xbox multi-platform story so far

Eurogamer: "Hi-Fi Rush has arrived on PlayStation 5 and it's an excellent port of the original Xbox Series X and PC games... with slightly improved shadows. Tom Morgan reminds us of how great this game is, and examines Xbox's multi-platform record so far. From Ghostwire: Tokyo's Xbox issues to Pentiment receiving 120Hz support on PS5 first, surely Microsoft's flagship console should automatically be the best place to play its games and the first platform to receive new features? Great games get a wider audience now and that's a great thing - but Xbox needs to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts a little more carefully."

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purple10122d ago


darthv7221d ago

Shadows are a bit higher res on 5, but they run pretty much the same. MS said recently there is a patch to address some weird glitch when set to 120hz even though the game doesn't even run at 120fps. It was thanks to the 5 that they are fixing the PC/ XB version.

Eonjay21d ago

I really dislike how DF is actually like Microsoft killed someone's cat by not having the best version on X ox. This doesn't even make sense given all their games are available on PC as well. There are always gonna be games that run faster on a PS5. Simply because it's clocked faster.

OptimusDK21d ago

Omfg. Did you just ssy the ps5 is better than Xbox because of higher clocks. I hope you know there is a lot more to it than that. Xbox is without doubt the strongest console that’s why they are puzzled

StormSnooper21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

DF is puzzled because they are a MS mouthpiece. There are a ton of games that run better on PS5, so whether series X is stronger or not, it doesn’t really matter when the multiplats games can perform better on PS5 and the PS5 first party are consistently better looking than Xbox’s. DF shouldn’t be “puzzled”at all unless they been sleeping under a rock.

We’re not going to even talk about the Dualsense features on PS5 btw. DF should be mention those if they really want to pretend to be objective, but I have a feeling they omitted that.

Babadook721d ago (Edited 21d ago )


You are kind of misconstruing Eonjay. He said there will always be [some] games that run better due to the higher clock rate. He's right of course. You are saying SX is without a doubt the strongest console. It has the advantage of higher TFLops. But that's not without a doubt stronger as that's one metric only and a slight improvement even with that. There are bandwidth advantages in PS5s favour, clock advantages give you many other advantages in other performance metrics. The faster IO is often a factor as well. All of this is made clear with PS5 having a better record in performance.

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repsahj21d ago

As usual DF will say the outcome is mystery or weird if PS5 version runs better.

S2Killinit21d ago

Yup. They are paid for by MS.