GameCyte CES 2009: Mad Catz Does 'Street Fighter IV' Proud with Gorgeous Arcade Stick Preview

GameCyte writes: "At CES 2009, GameCyte had the chance to play "Street Fighter IV" on Mad Catz' lineup of SFIV branded products, including the stunning $150 FightStick Tournament Edition. We came away convinced that the company can turn around their reputation for shoddy gear. Want to know what you're getting for the money? Loads of pics, hands-on impressions and an audio interview with Mad Catz global marketing director Alex Verrey await."

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ahnonamis4196d ago

The pad sounds awesome. Definitely the route I'm going to go, as I can get two of those (one for me, one for my girlfriend) for the price of one stick.

Sano644196d ago

I just hope the pads hold up. I know they are using good parts in the $150 stick but this... I'm just not convinced it will last