Review: Blast Corps - An Absurd, Exhilarating, Explosive Gem From Rare's N64 Days

"Blast Corps is a game that probably would have never stood a chance in today's world of shooters and plot-led borefests, so it brings us a great deal of comfort knowing that such a project got the high-quality Rare treatment back in the day. The end result is absolutely smashing; if you're an N64 enthusiast, there's no excuse for not having this brilliant game in your collection." - Martin Watts | Nintendo Life

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OtterX90d ago

I'm going to show this to my 3/almost 4 year old son. He loves trucks and he loves smashing things. He's going to love it. I've been on a real nostalgic fix lately, sharing games from my youth w my kids. Seeing them smile, enjoy them just as much as I did back in the day has been nothing short of amazing!

1nsomniac89d ago

I used to love this game. Got a Switch for my daughter for Christmas and I’ve played it more than her. I tried Goldeneye 64 but the configuration of the controls were awful. It was unplayable. Haven’t gone back to the n64 emulator since are all the N64 selection games awful to control. The other emulators are all great.

OtterX89d ago

Yea, Goldeneye especially feels better with the official Switch N64 controller, although it does definitely still feel dated. I thought most other titles in N64 NSO felt quite alright w that controller though. Especially w like Zelda, the command prompts are on screen, so it feels more natural w the N64 controller. I'd recommend one, but man they are overpriced and it's highly driven by nostalgia. Maybe if you can find one secondhand.


Two N64 games added for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members in April 2024

Extreme G and Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls added to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online classic game library.

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OtterX28d ago

What's great about this is that these titles were never previously discussed, they just sort of came out of left field. I loved the Extreme G series back in the day. They were just beneath Wipeout and FZero, but still really good.

purple10128d ago

If I remember the courses were good, but the gameplay just slightly beneath wipeout. Farro had the most speed but simple handling mechanics of double tap to dash slide / barge and boosters on track occasionally with the recharge health sections, but wipes out had full weapons, lock on missiles or rockets
Then with your cancel weapon pick up / trading a shield for a missile if you’re behind someone or trade the missile for the shield if you were in First, compared to extreme g which was more basic. I could be wrong tho. It was an awful long time ago.

On a similar note, I always wished starters pod racer had weapons. It would’ve been one of the best.


Switch Retro Spotlight: Kid Chameleon

“There are many iconic platformers yet Kid Chameleon is rarely discussed so allow me to shine the spotlight on this retro treasure.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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Nintendo Switch Online April 2024 SNES Lineup Offers Cutesy Chaos

Nintendo has announced the SNES and Super Famicom games gracing the Nintendo Switch Online library this month, and there are some gems to enjoy.

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OtterX39d ago

Strange headline, as I thought the star of the show was Super RType. I almost bought RType Dimensions EX this last month and was just thinking, man I wish we had the SNES one somewhere on Switch. That's where I got my start w the series and I was beyond excited to see it drop this week!