GameCyte Review: Rise of the Argonauts

GameCyte writes: "A game title like Rise of the Argonauts immediately evokes a number of images for a gamer that possesses any familiarity with classical mythology. When one learns that they will be filling the sandals of the legendary Greek hero Jason, known for his epic adventures, perilous trials, memorable crew, and heroic deeds, the idea sounds adequately exciting. When one further discovers that this legendary saga is the basis of an action-RPG, the concept only seems more appealing - who wouldn't want to split their time between building one's strength and character while amassing an army of amazing heroes, and carving a bloody swath through a horde of mythical monsters? Rise of the Argonauts, from Liquid Entertainment and Codemasters, allows a player to do all of these things - yet, amazingly, fails to be even remotely epic. Never before has a retelling of this world-spanning, fantastical, heroic tale seemed so thoroughly mundane and average."

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