Nintendo Releases New EarthBound Beginnings Icons following Mother 3 JP announcement for NSO

Mother 3 got a surprise announcement for the Switch Online service yesterday, but the catch is it's only available in Japan.

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OtterX61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I would pay for them to release an English translation version, separate from NSO if need be, like they did for the Fire Emblem NES release. (which was a limited time release) I would prefer that, so I actually own it.

ThisPlaceIsToxic60d ago

Thanks Nintendo. I’ll continue pirating all your games apparently 😂


Soapbox: 30 Years Later, Super Metroid's Foreboding Atmosphere Is Still Unmatched

"30 years after its launch, however, Super Metroid for the SNES remains the undisputed king of the franchise in terms of its atmosphere and tone. " - Ollie Reynolds | NintendoLife

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mastershredder34d ago

Castlevania Symphony of the Night says, 'not so fast there, Ollie'.

GoodGuy0934d ago

Fusion did a great job at it. Really love that horror feel with metroid. I mean you are completely alone on alien planets filled with horrific monsters and toxic environments.


Game Boy's Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Dr. Mario to Join Nintendo Switch Online This Week

A few Mario classics are on the way to a Switch near you.

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OtterX44d ago

I'm happy for more GB games, and these are pretty solid titles, but why haven't we gotten the original SMB Land? It may not be considered one of the better Mario platformers, but I still enjoy it and have fond memories of it as one of the first GB games I ever purchased. I can understand us getting SMB Land 2 first, as it's more traditional to the series, but I hope they don't skip part 1 all together.

eagle2143d ago

Super Mario Land is CLASSIC (sold like 18 million...lol). Short but sweet. The main theme music alone is awesome and nostalgic. I have no clue why it wasn't included Day 1 when Game Boy released on NSO.

andy8543d ago

PS and Xbox constantly get berated for their sub services but Nintendo always seem to get a free pass and their service is shocking compared to the others


Warning: Switching regions on NSO to snag MOTHER 3 Switch icons may cause an irreparable issue

Good news! Nintendo added MOTHER 3 icons for Switch Online members. Bad news! They icons are only available to those in Japan. Good news! You can change your Switch region to access the MOTHER 3 icons and snag them. Bad news! It appears this might cause a problem that your account can’t recover from.

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