Sounds Like The PS5 Pro Is Releasing At The Worst Possible Time

Screen Rant writes, "It looks like fans won't have to wait too long for a PS5 Pro, but the reported release window doesn't seem optimal for a number of reasons."

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Jin_Sakai55d ago

It’s releasing right around GTA6 time. They’re banking on that over first party releases I suppose.

porkChop55d ago

That's actually not a smart bet, historically. Pretty much every Rockstar game gets delayed, at least once. Releasing a new console with no new first party titles and hedging your bets on a 3rd party that will in all likelihood be delayed? That's some kind of strategy, I guess.

Extermin8or3_55d ago

why are we assuming no new first party titles? All they have said is they have no releases in major EXISTING franchises before March 2025. That doesn't mean no new first party titles. Half of sony's first party have been working on new IP for a few years now.

seanpitt2354d ago

I think they will announce it for April/may 2025 and will be inevitably pushed back to September 2025 I can't see it being pushed further to 2026 as they announced it when the game is nearly complete

Kiryu199254d ago


That’s what I don’t understand also. They just keep saying no first party games and that’s not what Sony said at all. They can launch few new IP’s and most likely will

They already have had 3 console exclusives that have been received really well by fans and critics

shinoff218354d ago

Idk about this one. We've waited over 10 years. I feel they've been putting in the work so this doesn't happen. I'm sure it's been more but off the top I can only remember 4 being delayed from spring to fall or something. Like I said theres probably more but I can't recall

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Jin_Sakai55d ago

“GTA comes out next year“

Yes but PS5 Pro will have time to sell and get into people’s hands before GTA6 releases in 2025. Assuming it doesn’t get delayed.

Redgrave55d ago

Imagine sony somehow bags a gta6 bundle for the pro

Game, set, match

GamerRN54d ago

Yeah I honestly think the timing for this is perfect! If the next X isn't out yet, they will have the best version of GTA6 which will sell TONS of units.... Great timing...

crazyCoconuts54d ago

If a pro really is coming out soon, maybe that explains why the studios have been so quiet... Because they've been working on Pro versions of all the already released games? I get that higher res and frame rate don't take a lot of effort, but that's not going to wow people watching a trailer over YouTube. Maybe they're like adding more detail or something

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Vits55d ago

Probably the weakest generation so far. Cool features, good enough hardware, very few games. And a PS5 Pro will not help with that.

KyRo55d ago

This generation so far has been massively underwhelming and is widely accepted as that so far by alot of people. I've had both consoles from launch and I'm still waiting for games to look as good as Rachet and Clank and The Matrix demo.

The lack of true next generation exclusives and a whole heap of remakes, still makes it feel like the generation has barely started several years in.

DarXyde55d ago

Generation isn't over and I prefer to show a bit of grace in that regard, but I also feel this has been the worst generation since taking up the hobby. So far, anyway. It's possible a wave of games comes after GTAVI, but I'm not overly hopeful.

Rynxie55d ago

They're not taking advantage of the hardware, whether it's graphically or how much they can add or do. If you look at the PS3, it was all about massive online multiplayer and beautiful graphics. Besides battlefield 2042 (which doesn't work for me, no matter what I do), we're stuck with 6vs6 multiplayer. Even the game modes in fps games feel lackluster. Besides VR and Sophie (both of which that came later) gt7 felt lackluster to me. Another example would be helldivers 2. Besides being a starship troopers: extermination rip-off, It's a four player co-op. Yet, on pc, starship troopers is a 16 player co-op. And, keep in mind, the developers working on starship troopers are a very small studio and don't have the backing of Sony or another big name publisher.

outsider162455d ago

I don't understand either. I remember Mark Cery saying something along the lines that with the ssd, graphical power etc etc that development of games will also be quicker.

EvertonFC55d ago

Several years in ? We're in the 4th but I get some of your points.

Barlos55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Completely agree. For me the best thing about this generation of hardware is the DualSense. For me it's one of the best controllers ever made. But yeah in terms of true next gen releases, it's been a big downer for the most part. We just can't shake off the last gen.

Psychonaut8554d ago

Yeah on point with the Ratchet & Clank thing. Not just graphically but in terms of taking advantage of the SSD. I’d hoped to see more creative uses of the fast loading by now instead of it just being a quality of life improvement.

shinoff218354d ago

3, 4 years. Is that several. I guess I could be but stuff is coming.

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Jin_Sakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

“Probably the weakest generation so far. Cool features, good enough hardware, very few games. And a PS5 Pro will not help with that.“

PS5 Pro also makes other games perform and look better not just new games. It’s just and option and nothing more. But I agree that this generation has been weak and underwhelming as far as games go.

shinoff218354d ago

How long did it take for ps3 to actually get some heavy hitters.

SonyStyled54d ago

@shinoff It took half a year. Tools of Destruction came out summer 2007, first ‘heavy hitter’ only on PS3. MGS4 the next year, GoW3 and KZ2 in 2009.

I’m excluding IPs that began on PS3

Neonridr54d ago

we've only begun to scratch the surface of the PS5 though. Considering 75% of their "exclusive" games also released on the PS4, it wasn't really a strong indicator of what we'd see for some of the big hitters being built from the ground up on PS5.

Personally I feel a Pro is rushed here, but Sony wants to make money, so I don't blame em.

Vits54d ago

The problem is that scratching the surface is taking way too long. By November, the PS5 will be four years old, using the previous gen as a ruler that means it's already halfway through its life until the PS6 comes out. So unless Sony plans to do what they did with the PS4 and bring over most PS6 exclusives to the PS5, they have just over 3 years to ensure the PS5 has a good lineup of exclusives and games.

And there's nothing on the horizon to suggest that's happening. If anything, the release plans for mid-2024 and beyond seem very thin.

Neonridr54d ago

@Vits - Covid obvsiouly screwed everything up as it slowed down everything. Development of games was hampered, console manufacturing was slowed, some people only finally got a PS5 last year for example. So I get the timeline, but everything feels like it was pushed from the beginning, so trying to stick to a standard console cycle given the initial hurdles seems silly.

neomahi54d ago

Agreed, and I'm a HUGE PlayStation fan. I loved the PS3 while everyone else played on their breaking Xbox 360 consoles, I never senty PS3 in to fix it, but I have no clue why I need a PS5

PhillyDonJawn54d ago

Right, the jump just wasn't big enough to and it got off to a slow start. I'd rather Sony drop ps6 in 2026 @$600-700 with a big power jump. Ps5 is powerful enough to play game at a lower setting like what Series S is to Series X. while ps6 would give us a true next gen jump.

fr0sty54d ago

I wouldn't expect gen10 until late 27 or 28.