Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and PC via Steam on March 14 as a bundle of the two original games with new maps, characters, and more.

ocelot0762d ago

Pc and Xbox as well. Complete with the 64 player online battles can't wait for this.

phoenixwing62d ago

If it has the online portion I'll buy it

isarai62d ago

Please have a physical release

-Foxtrot62d ago

Limited Run will definitely snatch this up

They’ve done it for all the other SW ones

purple10162d ago

you can keep it, looks jank ass

Neonridr61d ago

to be a child of only modern consoles...

I'd have some stories to share with you about games on my Colecovision as a kid growing up.

purple10160d ago

I played sensible soccer at a friends. 1992. il admit Cole vision is older by ten years,- 1982

but I am 37, had every console, bar gamecube and xbox one, (although my brother has it)

fav games were golden eye and Diddy kong racing.
then, Soul caliber dreamcast ver.

this still looks jank to me, perhaps they are showing the switch trailer,
adding new maps is cool though!

anast59d ago

Yeah, I'm wasn't born with modern consoles. Purple is right, those old games are not fun anymore, the controls and graphics are awful.

Redgrave60d ago

Ironically, Battlefront 2 was peak Star Wars. There's a reason that this is coming out again with updates instead of Battlefront 3, though ironically this will also be the second time we didn't get a Battlefront 3.

Definitely try it, it's a good time.

KwietStorm_BLM60d ago

Did you think a PS2 game would look like Cyberpunk?

MetroidFREAK2160d ago

It needs crossplay. I know it has cross generation support meaning PS4 and PS5 players will play together as well as Xbox One/Series consoles... but it needs full crossplay. Even if it's a later update, it needs to happen. I'll be playing this a long, long time

Inverno60d ago

I find it hilarious that EA fumbled so miserably with their BF reboot that it revived interest in the OG BF2 years ago and now the OG's have been ported to newer systems.

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