Grounded and Pentiment are Microsoft’s first Xbox-exclusive games for Nintendo Switch

The Verge writes: "Grounded and Pentiment are the first previously Xbox-exclusive games to arrive on Nintendo Switch. Obsidian’s 2D narrative adventure roleplaying game Pentiment will launch on Switch tomorrow, followed by Grounded, the survival co-op that’s a combination of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and A Bug’s Life, on April 16th."

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Cacabunga118d ago

Still not reason enough for me to play them.. these games tell me nothing they look uninteresting..

Jin_Sakai118d ago

I played Grounded in Series X when I had one and love it. I’d definitely play it again should it release in PS5.

darthv72118d ago

...and this is why game pass is a thing. Games that look 'uninteresting' can turn out to be rather good. Especially since you dont have to pay anything extra to play them. I played Pentiment and it surprised me with how good it is. You need to try and broaden yourself, even if you think you might not like something... it just might surprise you.

StormSnooper117d ago

That’s literally how I use PSPlus.

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Aloymetal118d ago

Lol but on a more serious note, Phil and Co. could bring their whole catalog of games to PS5 and Switch tomorrow and most wouldn't bat an eye, that won't make any difference since anyone interested in all those meh MS games could've easily gotten a cheap series S and played them long ago. It's not about having them on all platforms but the quality of those games is what matters.

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Obscure_Observer118d ago

"Lol but on a more serious note, Phil and Co. could bring their whole catalog of games to PS5 and Switch tomorrow and most wouldn't bat an eye"

You mean, like Minecraft and COD?

Andrew336118d ago

Shocking stance by someone with the username Aloy.

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Skuletor118d ago


Minecaft and COD aren't the brags you think they are, both were already established IP's long before Microsoft acquired them.

Jin_Sakai118d ago

“It's not about having them on all platforms but the quality of those games is what matters.“

Hi-Fi Rush - Overwhelmingly Positive (97% of 19,994) ALL TIME
Grounded - Very Positive (89% of 53,144) ALL TIME
Pentiment - Very Positive (94% of 4,985) ALL TIME

Hi-Fi Rush - 87 Metascore
Grounded - 82 Metascore
Pentiment - 86 Metascore

These are great games. Grounded has had over 20 million players.

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Neonridr118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Hi-Fi Rush would be a perfect game to release on the Switch too.

RaidenBlack118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

And Sunset Overdrive would be perfect for PS4/PS5 too

darthv72118d ago

...only if they could up it to 60fps. I recently downloaded it to my steam deck and play it at 60 and that makes it sooooo much better.


are this games coming to the PS5 as well ?
Looking forward to Hi fi rush Hopefully that games comes to the PS5.

Neonridr118d ago

it's possible, though no official announcements yet.

BehindTheRows118d ago

Yes, Spencer confirmed four games for PS5 and Switch.

ThinkThink118d ago

He confirmed 4 games to "other platforms". We all just assumed he meant both ps and switch.

Neonridr118d ago

he never confirmed which games would be coming to which platforms though.

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Einhander1972118d ago

Anyone who believes Microsoft is setting themselves up for disappointment.

BehindTheRows118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Thank you to the Captain Obvious'(s). I never clarified which games. I said 4 games to PlayStation AND Switch. Not four games to each.

I responded to "Looking forward to Hi fi rush Hopefully that games comes to the PS5". HiFi Rush was just confirmed for March 18 on PS5, for example. Reading comprehension is obviously a learned skill.

Neonridr118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

@Behind - your reply to the original question (are these games coming to PS5) made it seem like you were answering his question by saying yes. You have to understand that your reply could be taken so many different ways here, citing reading comprehension when you yourself weren't clear is hilarious.

BehindTheRows118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


A simple inquiry would have netted you the correct answer, but because you chased a gotcha and failed, I'm hilarious. That .....makes no sense.

In any case, you misinterpreted. Fair enough, but don't put it on me when you could have asked or ignored the post.

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Obscure_Observer118d ago

"are this games coming to the PS5 as well ?"

Phil Spencer said "consoles", so yes, I believe those are definitely coming to PS5 too maybe even the PS4, since Grounded is also available on Xbox One.

It will be interesting to see how those games will perform on Sony´s consoles.

BehindTheRows118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Crazy that we agree on this, while others rushed to: "He nEvEr sAiD wHiCh pLaTfOrMs" XD

In any event, agreed. Will be interesting to see how these things perform!

SonyStyled118d ago

It will definitely be interesting with only 4 games. Strange they would only port these 4 games as a one time thing. Nothing else coming to Nintendo and PlayStation after this. That’s what Phil said

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Einhander1972118d ago

It's unfortunate that Nintendo is allowing this, the only way the pressure campaign could work is if Nintendo would stand up against Microsoft and see them as the rivals they are. Letting themselves be used as pawns, Microsoft will turn on them in time.

Nyxus118d ago

It's just more games for their platform. Nintendo loses nothing from this.

Einhander1972118d ago

That's a very short term view.

fr0sty118d ago

Microsoft has everything to lose here, gamers have fewer reasons to buy an Xbox now... whereas PS5 and Switch still have their exclusives and have no reason to give them up to competing platforms, so both are in a position of power over Microsoft. Microsoft are the pawns here in their own game of chess, not the other way around.