Classic Rare games have been added to Nintendo Switch Online

Announced during a Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase on Wednesday, the games are RC Pro-AM (NES), Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll (NES), Killer Instinct (SNES), Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (SNES), and Blast Corps (N64).

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OtterX88d ago

I would have liked the original NES Battletoads too, but at least there's hope that it will come! This is nice that Rare has opened up more of their classics to NSO, so there's hope of Diddy Kong Racing and Conker's Bad Fur day in the future now too!

NotoriousWhiz87d ago

Since I already have rare replay, I'm more interested in seeing Diddy Kong Racing and Donkey Kong 64.

OtterX87d ago

Holy crap, I was just reading up on the history of RC Pro Am, and I had no idea that Rare had been working on an RC Pro Am 64...... which actually became Diddy Kong Racing during development! Very interesting....


Neonridr88d ago

this is awesome, Blast Corps is an underrated gem and I can't wait to play it again.

OtterX88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

These additions were definitely the highlight of the Direct for me! I know, "you can play these on Roms, blah blah blah..", but I like to have these within my Nintendo ecosytem (I buy most Retro things there too) I like the official Retro controllers, and I also have a really amazing quality Joy-con alternative by Nyxi, like this: https://img-va.myshopline.c...

darthv7287d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I have their gamecube style one... its awesome to play metroid prime remastered with.

OtterX87d ago

@darthv72 awesome! I want to get one of those, they look really nice! I learned about Nyxi from the YouTube channel SwitchUp (one of my favorite Switch reviewers), and he said it was his most recommended controller. I bought it last Fall.

purple10187d ago

protect this man, he has gamed, a lot

darthv7287d ago

RC Pro AM... that was my jam. Curious as to why the SNES version of KI though and not the N64 Gold edition. Ehh... it will prob come later.

OtterX87d ago

Yea I played the N64 one bc I bought the N64 at launch, and that was one of my first game purchases. I'm sure it will come to NSO.

Hereandthere87d ago

RC PRO AM ONLINE! I don't have a switch, but i want one now

OtterX87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

You know, I loved that game when I was a kid, but didn't remember it being a Rareware title. That's cool! I've been playing this afternoon and loving the nostalgic fix.

It's also worth picking up Blizzard's Retro collection too for Rock'n'Roll Racing, which seemed very inspired by RC Pro Am. That collection is neat bc they give you the option to play the real classic rock music recordings or go full retro in the settings.

Shane Kim87d ago

Where they rightfully belong.


Nintendo Expands Switch Online's Game Boy Library With Three More Classics

"To properly celebrate 35 years of the Game Boy™ system, we have to take it back to year one! Game Boy launched in 1989, and with it arrived classic titles such as Baseball, Alleyway™ and the first Super Mario game available on the system, Super Mario Land™. Today, Nintendo Switch Online members can play all three of these original launch titles as the latest additions to the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library. All just in time for the system’s 35th anniversary!" - Nintendo

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OtterX4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

FINALLY, Super Mario Land. I actually like this one better than SML2, bc it felt so odd and different. I was absolutely blown away in 1989 being able to play Mario for the first time while on car rides!

My parents recently brought some of my retro stuff from the US over to the EU where I currently live. Man, I forgot how tiny and hard to see the OG gameboy was! haha I appreciate revisiting how I originally used to play these, but I do enjoy especially OG Gameboy and Game Boy Advance releases on NSO bc the portable screen lends well to these games for my aging eyes! I could insert complaints about the drip feed of releases, but I still do appreciate these on the Switch especially w my nice 3rd party Nyxi grips that feel like a proper controller.

Profchaos4d ago

I also just pulled my childhood Gameboy out of storage and picked up a ever drive for it for around 20 dollars.

I feel you with the screen visibility I don't remember it ever being that hard to see I would play in the back of the car under all sorts of lighting unless it was night time I hated road trips that would go into early morning or late night because of it.

There's a ton of mods out there which require little experience to install a backlight into the old DMG Gameboy they are cheap to I'm in two minds about doing it because I don't want to mess with my stock original system but I find it hard to use and I am a sucker for playing games on original hardware. Links awakening on emulator vs the real thing I chose the real thing every time.

Profchaos4d ago

Oh yeah come on super Mario land. I have no idea why it took Nintendo to bring it's Gameboy launch title to the NSO service.

It's not as good as 2 and it's controls are janky even by the time of its release but it's iconic in its own way and the music is so catchy some.of my favourite Gameboy music was from this game just that opening level song is a classic.


Two N64 games added for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members in April 2024

Extreme G and Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls added to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online classic game library.

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OtterX24d ago

What's great about this is that these titles were never previously discussed, they just sort of came out of left field. I loved the Extreme G series back in the day. They were just beneath Wipeout and FZero, but still really good.

purple10124d ago

If I remember the courses were good, but the gameplay just slightly beneath wipeout. Farro had the most speed but simple handling mechanics of double tap to dash slide / barge and boosters on track occasionally with the recharge health sections, but wipes out had full weapons, lock on missiles or rockets
Then with your cancel weapon pick up / trading a shield for a missile if you’re behind someone or trade the missile for the shield if you were in First, compared to extreme g which was more basic. I could be wrong tho. It was an awful long time ago.

On a similar note, I always wished starters pod racer had weapons. It would’ve been one of the best.


Switch Retro Spotlight: Kid Chameleon

“There are many iconic platformers yet Kid Chameleon is rarely discussed so allow me to shine the spotlight on this retro treasure.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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