Activision Boss: Games Are a "legitimate story-telling medium"

It's often said that video games are proving to be quite the escape in these economic hard times because they provide more bang for the buck than a two-hour movie.

But Activision chief Mike Griffin suggested that lengthy play times are more than a matter of value, as they also bring you closer to the characters involved. He pointed to Activision's own Quantum of Solace video game as an example.

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cain1413660d ago

Games really don't get the credit they deserve...

ThePimpOfSound3660d ago

Much as I love video games, I disagree. From a storytelling perspective, games aren't legitimate. The idea that you play part of a game over and over until you realize the ideal outcome is at odds with what narrative is.

This could change, but not until games fundamentally become about something besides trial and error (see: Braid).

ihaten4glol3660d ago

I'm not even going to bother commenting with my thoughts on gaming as a story-telling medium so as not to get caught up in the impending flame war, but I don't think using Quantum of Solace was the best example to back up these claims. Just sayin'.