Suicide Squad's Reception Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Developers

Ahmed from eXputer says, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a failed experiment that other developers shouldn't try to replicate."

Psychonaut8596d ago

It should be. Will it? Probably not. I know games take a while, but we knew because of Anthem and Avengers that this kind of game was a horrible idea waaaaaaay before even the Suicide Squad first gameplay trailer.

Yi-Long96d ago

Devs probably know gamers don't want this nonsense. Many devs started out in this business because of their love for games and gaming. They once had dreams and desires about creating fantastic games for everyone to enjoy, just as they had enjoyed games when they were younger, and probably still enjoy.

I think the problem lies with the guys in suits who sit in boardrooms and just check out the latest industry buzz-words and think of endless ways to 'monetize' their output post-launch. They don't think of stuff like level-design, or captivating gameplay, or innovative new game-play ideas. They just look at a few games making big money through MT's or season passes or whatever they come up with next, and they walk down to the devs and tell them 'Yeah, put that stuff in there".

Every dev in the world has heard the market's response to 'GaaS' when it gets announced. They know we don't want it. But suits will insist anyway.

And then, when the game fails, the suits shrug and get to just move on and make many more bad decisions, while the actual creative people face the consequences. Massive lay-offs, criticisms, online hate, etc.

jznrpg96d ago

Not a big fan of Suicide Squad or GaaS so it didn’t interest me much even if it was good.

Armaggedon95d ago

There is no need for a wakeup call. People screw up. Or have people forgotten that?

SoloGamer195d ago

it SHOULD be... but I imagine it wont be...unfortunately


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Psychonaut853d ago

I’m sure the 42 people still playing are super stoked for this. Better take the day off so you can grind for 4 hours just to use the character. Let me guess, he’s got his own Elseworld and there’s fucking icicles everywhere. /s


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Phoenix765d ago

The game was DOA before it even released.

Juancho514d ago

Im surprised it lasted this long.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Players Lose Hope For Season 2 After Update

The remaining few players of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are losing hope for the game’s future after a disappointing update for Episode 2.

P_Bomb8d ago

“…significant issues like the extensive amount of time needed to unlock Joker as a playable character were ignored.”

Which in turn makes the game easier to ignore. Not a great season.

SoloGamer17d ago

all 150 players lose hope 😂

Redgrave7d ago

Who still held hope after release?

CobraKai7d ago

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Player Loses Hope For Season 2 After Update. *fixed*