Casual Gameplay: Kivi's Underworld Review

Casual Gameplay writes: "Kivi's Underworld, a new hack-n-slash action-RPG, is the second installment of the Depths of Peril series by Soldak Entertainment. The developers received a surprising amount of critical acclaim for Depths of Peril, a game that offered the Diablo-inspired genre a breath of fresh air. Year after year, the mediocre titles being churned out by developers with the intention of riding the coattails of "Diablo madness" has now reached a critical mass, and players usually don't give them a second glance anymore. But just as Depths of Peril caught their eye, the new Kivi's Underworld - set within the same world and mythos - is nothing to be scoffed at. In fact, as isometric action-RPGs go, it's a solid win."

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