Truly Innovative Controllers For Disabled Gamers

TGR explores the world of highly specialized controllers, via interviews with key individuals in the field.

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cain1414201d ago

That really sucks how little support there is for these out there from the main three companies...

James Abels4201d ago

not only that, how little support for a lot of different kinds of things.

dannyhinote_134201d ago

Indeed. It stinks that more people aren't able to enjoy games because of accidents or failures in health. :(

cain1414201d ago

It's awesome that companies out there are there to help people regain some of the enjoyment they used to have before there accidents, but it would be nice if they could making getting those type of controllers as easy as possible for people...

SirLarr4201d ago

The closed captioning stuff in the half life games is pretty impressive too.

ihaten4glol4201d ago

It upsets me, as a regular gamer, that some games don't employ subtitles in some scenes or normal gameplay. I can only imagine how frustrating that is for disabled gamers.

cain1414201d ago

I agree 100%. I've gotten into the habit of using subtitles for everything, so when I don't have that option it really grinds my gears. I can't imagine not having the ability to hear...

DarkBlood4201d ago

i'll tell you not hearing so well sucks A$$ and im deaf so i always depend on subtitles and use it whenever there is one for a game

till i got a cochlear implant i can hear voices alot more but i still use subtitles because its a habit of mine

so appreiate your natural hearing cuz its really hard not having it

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