Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New World won't see EuroLand !

LiveWii : "Atari has just confirmed us that there is actually no plans for an European release of the RPG from Namco Bandai. At least, for 2009's first semester. A quite bad new for the ones who enjoyed the GameCube game."

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Jikla4193d ago

that's just lame. That would be like releasing gears of war 1 in europe but not 2. Or releasing mgs 1 in europe but not 2. Or releasing metroid prime 1, but not 2 in europe. What's next? No tales of vesperia to europe?

Baka-akaB4193d ago

Or simply Xenosaga 2 without the first one :p

laaakokaracha4193d ago

well Ive been waiting for tales of vesperia for a loooong time...

I gave up on it...I will have to mod my xbox to play this game...

PoisonousPoison4193d ago

Ouch, that has to suck for the Europeans..but what is the reason for not releasing this game? Hopefully later on or something like that?

Baka-akaB4193d ago

If they say no , then it's no . bandai namco is inflexible when they decide stuff like that , despite people still hoping for tales of destiny 2 (the real one) and tales of rebirth in the us/eu on ps2 , psp , Live or PSN .

Remember also that Namco kinda blames people when their misguided and failed attempt of translating a game fails . Like the first one tanking in europe on gamecube , with them neglecting as usual promotion , and living it to nintendo , on a console with already a feeble success there ...
And then of course releasing a much more successful ps2 version of symphonia 1 in jap , and despite the obvious success , decide not to do a us/eu ps2 .

Baka-akaB4193d ago

It's evil , it s*x but any rpg die hard fan should know that EU versions = more waiting or no chance to see some games . Unless it's a really rare occurrence of a game being only released in europe .

It's a constant back and forth dance wich will continue until jrpg devs start releasing the japanese versions with translations from the go .
Wich itself is unlikely to happens until jrpg sales dwindles so much they get forced to cater as much to the west than asia . It could happen in the near future , but it's far from it .

Knightofelemia4193d ago

Shame cause the game was great

tilamiles4190d ago

too bad for euros, move to the US imo!