Hacker Leaves Message for Microsoft in Trojan Code

PC World writes: "Here's a new way to get Microsoft to pay attention to you: Slip a brief message into the malicious Trojan horse program you just wrote.

That's what an unnamed Russian hacker did recently with a variation of Win32/Zlob, a Trojan program victims are being tricked into installing on their computers.

The message is surprisingly cordial, given that Microsoft's security researchers spend their days trying to put people like Zlob's author out of business. "Just want to say 'Hello' from Russia. You are really good guys. It was a surprise for me that Microsoft can respond on threats so fast," the hacker wrote, adding, "Happy New Year, guys, and good luck!"

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hitthegspot3566d ago

That guy has serious cohonies.

mint royale3566d ago

if a hacker was going to hack my computer I'd want it to be him! :)

Happy new year!

Dmitry Orlov3566d ago

Our nation's logic is simple - when your mood is bad (especially in winter/summer exams time), we get want to make someone else's mood good :)
This time it was mixed ;)

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TheROsingleB3566d ago

"Better luck next time, Slugheads!"

kharma453566d ago

Bubbles for the Bond reference ;)

Vip3r3566d ago

XD, bubbles for that.

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