Don't worry, Helldivers 2 is cracking down on your queue times by booting out AFK server hogs

Arrowhead doesn’t want AFK players to clog up the Helldivers 2 servers at full capacity either, so a solution could be on the way.

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Jin_Sakai63d ago

Gotta do what yo gotta do at this point. Hopefully they get more servers online soon.

The_Hooligan63d ago

I'm not familiar with the technical aspects of servers but how much would a server cost? I'm assuming it would be dependent on the type of server you purchase/lease.

Well for helldivers 2 developers, this is a good problem to have. I'm happy for their success.

Christopher63d ago

I can't speak on what the issue truly is, but based on their tweets it's not as simple as expanding their cloud services to allow more but it's something with the code that needs to be updated and fixed. They obviously didn't plan for success.

The_Hooligan62d ago

@ Chris
Thank you for the clarification.

arkard63d ago

The devs have said at this point it's not a server issue any longer. It's their code doesn't scale well with the huge amount of concurrent players.

Sonic188163d ago

Basically the code needs to be updated I assume

GamerRN62d ago

So they are stating they built an MMO with the intention of having little to no players, and wrote bad code that can't handle success?

FinalFantasyFanatic63d ago

Perfectly fine, if you AFK for half an hour to an hour, you shouldn't get to keep your spot when others want to play.


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