UK to get its own Qore - OPM:HD

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Following the success of Qore for American PSN users, Future Publishing are now to offer a simalar service to PlayStation Network for those of us in the UK. This will be known as OPM: HD and as from the title you probally have worked out that it is being created by the same people who released the official PlayStation Magazine here in the UK."

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resistance1003662d ago

Seeing as i love the Mag anyway, i will probally get this.

Still i suspect the Uk Killzone 2 demo may be a OPM:HD exclusive to begin with.

Cyber Gamer3662d ago

I hope your right resistance100 there aint a damn thing for us uk people no street fighter hd remix no good psn if there is then we get it late like everything i think the uk psn should be like the same layout as the us but we can leave the jap out apart from there demos then we r all good lol sony dont even dare to forget us uk people or i will be knocking on your doors lol

Mr_Zkaar3662d ago

About frickin time, when do we get video on demand.

Vitalogy3662d ago

How about releasing the damn magazine for ALL EUROPE!?????? isn't uk part of it anymore?

This sh!t make me sick!!!!!

Cajun Chicken3662d ago

Because this is a digital version of the UK's publication of OPM.