Go And Vote For Onimusha In Capcom's Survey, This Gem Deserves As Much

Hanzala from eXputer says, "Onimusha deserves a proper Resident Evil-style comeback as much as the other Capcom gems, and I'm glad they might get the chance after all."

H957d ago

I don't know man, Onimusha for modern audiences doesn't sound like a good idea

badboyz0957d ago

Loved the Onimusha series on my ps2 just as much as DmC.

shinoff218357d ago

Hell naw. I voted for breath of fire. It's thr best choice imo.

Please vote breath of fire.

CrimsonWing6957d ago

Breath of Fire 3 got my vote. 3 and 4 are glorious games to me, but I could only pick one.

Unknown_Gamer579457d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I did vote for a Breath of Fire 1-3 remake in the remake section, and it was one of my three choices in series I wish would make a comeback.

SimpleSlave57d ago

Why, though? With Nioh, Sekiro, and every other From Software game with a Samurai build in it, what's the point? The lore? Was it really so unique and interesting that it warrant this "beg Capcom" movement Capcom keeps telling us we need to do all these years? Fudge no. Either make a game or don't but stop this "fans need to game beg or else" bs.

Take Castlevania for example. What's the point in a new entry? From Software literally gave us the entire plotline in Bloodborne with Cainhurst Castle and then some. They also let you play as a Belmont/Alucard build in most of their other games so a new Castlevania is not warranted. Now, if Konami wants to do something, sure, but otherwise? I ain't begging. I'm good actually.

These companies are ran by idiots, that's for sure. Read the market. See the games that are coming out that people are loving and if you have an old IP that fits the bill? Well? Do something about it ya goofs! Otherwise? Let the IP go to the public domain. Trust me, bro. The internet will do a far better job - and worst - than you ever will with all these dormant or dead IPs.

Some Indie devs are even making Dino Crisis like games and people are excited for it. And what is Capcom doing? Sending surveys...FFS!

Get the fudge out of here Crap.com

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Capcom Looks to Revive Dormant Franchises

Capcom is looking to bring back some of its dormant franchises, according to recent investor relations communications.

gangsta_red693d ago

Capcom, may I suggest Asura's Wrath...less QTEs

God Hand
Dino Crisis
Rival Schools

Seriously, Capcom has such an incredible history. they could bring back so many games and make it work

Atom666693d ago

That new dino game made me lose hope on a new Dino Crisis.

I'll never understand why we haven't seen a new Darkstalkers, either.

kevco33692d ago

Capcom seems to have tried to find an audience for Darkstalkers several times - with guest appearances and digital re-releases etc. - but if there's simply not enough interest they won't invest in a new game.

Bobertt692d ago

Asura's Wrath had a good ending no need to change it to make a sequel.

Knightofelemia693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

I am all down for Dino Crisis if they don't botch it, Breath of Fire would also be great, Onimusha, I am all down for Final Fight, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Darkstalkers, Clock Tower, and a decent Bionic Commando. I'd also like to see Demons Crest and a decent Ghouls and Ghosts game one thing I like about Capcom is their library of games. Capcom was another developer I really loved back in the day, along with Konami before they flipped off the gaming world, Squaresoft also use to be good as well.

CobraKai692d ago

I’d love a Saturday Night Slam Masters and Onimusha.

RauLeCreuset692d ago

I'm with both of you on Slam Masters. One of the best wrestling games ever made. Think Street Fighter in a wrestling ring, for those unfamiliar.

Omegasyde692d ago

Would love a 2nd Dragons Dogma!
Very underrated game.

Gunstar75693d ago

PowerStone please