Stellar Blade im PLAY3.DE-Interview

Play3 recently had the opportunity to talk to the creators about their work.

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YourMommySpoils89d ago

Love reading all these Stellar Blade interviews. The best thing on N4G.


Famitsu: Stellar Blade Shines At #1 For Second Week

Another week, another Famitsu chart, as Stellar Blade manages to keep the top spot for a second week, crossing over 80,000 units sold.

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Cacabunga22h ago

Good numbers! I'm wondering what Platinum Games are doing


Famitsu Sales: 5/6/24 – 5/12/24

Stellar Blade for PlayStation 5 was the highest selling title last week, moving an additional 13,033 retail copies. It was followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch, which moved an additional 9,652 units.

H92d ago

I love how Ring Fit Adventure pops it's head back in the top 10 telling us that people ate too much during golden week!

Sonic18812d ago

Stellar Blade was awesome! I hope they make a sequel in the future

ZeekQuattro2d ago

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

Switch OLED Model – 35,575 (7,231,271)
PlayStation 5 – 18,166 (4,827,074)
Switch Lite – 7,604 (5,841,449)
Switch – 3,885 (19,790,275)
Xbox Series X – 3,466 (274,587)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 3,352 (770,755)
Xbox Series S – 982 (311,834)
PlayStation 4 – 80 (7,925,861)


Edge Issue #398 Review Scores: Stellar Blade, Eiyuden Chronicle, and More

Edge Magazine's latest issue is out now and they have shared reviews on some of the recent games including Stellar Blade.

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Levii_922d ago

I laughed my ass of at the score.

coolbeans2d ago

Yeah. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and read what they have to say, but it's suspicious in the face of other recent indies that've been praised.

Levii_922d ago

I bet Edge is gonna give Breath of the Wild 3.0 a 10 again.

Tacoboto2d ago

Anyone else playing Stellar Blade and made it to the Great Desert?

I felt the story barely had us do anything here but there are a lot of side quests taking us back and the framerate is kind of all over the place. Curious if anyone else is noticing the same?

It's the only blemish so far in what's surprisingly become my current GOTY.

Levii_922d ago

I don't see how can the framerate be all over place? It's litteraly one of the most stable games released, unless maybe you have it on Balanced mode, put it on Resolution or Framerate mode.

And yes the Great Desert is almost exclusively just a gorgeous big zone for side quests and fun.

Tacoboto2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yeah that's what's surprising me - the rest of the game even on Balanced feels like a solid 60fps (and my display is 120hz VRR).

But even on Prioritize Performance it feels like it struggles in certain spots only in the Great Desert. The Buried Ruins section felt like the roughest area but another one was more into the desert near a statue with scaffolding wrapped around (and a dozen or so enemies including the tentacles).

All the side quests I had there are done now so I may only return now to fish again. But framerate aside I agree - it's one of the more beautiful gaming deserts and this game's side quests have been way more nice and varied than I thought they'd be.

Levii_922d ago

I have to say i haven't explored the Great Desert 100% maybe just 40%, i plan on exploring everything there on NG+ so i don't know how Buried Ruins feel yet and also i'm running the game unpatched so maybe that's it i don't know but for me the Great Desert is perfect framerate wise if it's not on Balanced mode.

I absolutely agree man, the game is much more than i thought it would be in terms of content, exploration, collectables, secrets and side quests. Classic video game stuff! None of the modern BS. It's my GOTY as well so far.

VersusDMC2d ago

From what i remember the 2 open world hubs only have 1 story mission each. The gun missons. Most of the open world sections are for side missions, upgrades, cans,costumes, etc. Still fun to run around and discover some wierd puzzles there.

I feel like there are some fps dips but not all over the place.

And for people who don't do enough of the side missions...know that you will be locked out of a section of the game if you don't do enough. Fill that lily bar to 100%.

Elda2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Stellar Blade a 6? That score is blasphemy. Score should be a 9, no lower than an 8. It's GOTY.

badz1492d ago

It's EDGE! The only games they are generously rating are Nintendo games.

Michiel19892d ago

so the 10 they gave to Last of Us, LBP and Bayonetta also were rigged? or only if you don't agree with it?

badz1492d ago (Edited 2d ago )


TLoU and LBP are GoTY winning games highly regarded throughout the industry, what's your point? and what does Bayonetta has anything to do with this argument or even Sony?

The Meta for Stellar Blade is 81 after 130 reviews and a user score of 91. EDGE is giving it 21 points lower. Rise of Ronin? EDGE 60 vs Meta 76, Spider-man 2, EDGE 80 vs 90 Meta, R&C Rift Apart, EDGE 70 vs 88 Meta, Astro's Playroom, EDGE 70 vs Meta 83, Sackboy Big Adventure, EDGE 60 vs Meta 79, FFXVI EDGE 70 vs Meta 87 and remember Ghost of Tsushima? EDGE gave it 60 vs Meta 83...like WTF was THAT?? I can go on dude. It's an established trend for EDGE to be harsh when it comes to most PS games but they are very generous with Nintendo's games.

GhostMirror2d ago

Such a good game! I’ve put about 55 hours into it. I don’t regret buying a PS5 to play it.

buffig2d ago

Stellar Blade deserves more than 6 for the Raven boss fight alone!

robtion2d ago

Finished it 3 times and just got the platinum. Amazing game.

buffig1d 16h ago

I chose to take Adams hand. Beat the boss, started NG+ instantly. I was excited for the game, but it was still more than I hoped it would be. There HAS to be a sequel