A hard look at Digital Distribution vs. Brick-and-Mortar Distribution

One of the many side wars of this generations video game console wars has been Digital Distribution (DD) vs. Brick-and-Mortar Distribution (BMD). Both of these particular distribution formats can easily be characterized with a particular supporter for the most part. SONY appears to support a hybrid approach, believing that DD and BMD can live together in coexistence, where as Microsoft is for DD.

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hitthegspot3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

MS can't just write off Blu. Blu-ray is one of the only way to backup your home system. Disks are getting larger and DVD is not a good solution for a system backup due to the size. I would need too many DVDs. 50+ gigs is great. It will become a huge resource for backup once the blanks come down in price.

I haven't seen the google service, is it free or subscription based? PM me a link if you get a chance.

jrsenkbe3565d ago

Googles new cloudware service could also be another alternative. However I know that would rather have a disk and box in hand.

ChanDangle3565d ago

"According to just under 22% of the worlds population has internet access."

DD is really going to kick the doors down on bluray.

hitthegspot3565d ago

You do believe that if you buy something you should own it, right? So why would you rent? This is one of the biggest things young adults are faced with when they move into their first place after college or even before college. Should I buy or rent. Renting gets you nothing but the rights to use something for a set time. So lets say in your statement you are refereing to DD to own and not rent. Now you are faced with a storage issue, right? What better way to store your downloads than Blu-ray. Blu-ray is here, Sony won, it's going to start picking up pace in more than just a movie or game storage device. It's a viable storage solution for PCs, Mac's hopefully in the future.

WeaseL3565d ago

22% may have the internet but I bet less than 5% have broadband.

Brixxer6003565d ago

I couldn't buy into the whole DD idea, i'm a collector, i want the box, artwork, instruction booklet, disc, etc, etc, simply downloading media is of no interest to me, it feels like i'm not getting anything for my money and i have nothing to show for it.

As for Blu Ray ?,talking as a huge movie fan it's simply awesome.

jrsenkbe3565d ago

I dont feel like I own something when its lon my computer, plus its so much easier to lose.