Random Gamer's Review of World of Goo (PC)

Greedy Raven writes, "World of Goo can best be described as a tower-building physics simulator. Each level starts you out with a collection of round balls of goo. These balls of goo are strung out and used to build a tower towards a pipe somewhere else on the level. The player's goal is to attempt to build a tower using the fewest number off goo balls as necessary, in order to get as many as possible into the pipe. When the tower gets close enough, the pipe turns on a sort of vacuum suction and the roaming goo balls are whisked away..."

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CrAppleton4193d ago

I have heard nothing but great things about this game.. I really need to check it out

bgrundman4193d ago

It is really good and the demo is available for download, so by all means, check it out!

CrAppleton4193d ago

It's always worth checking a demo out =)

chaosatom4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

The demo is pretty long, I felt.

It's a game u play at first for some time, and then put it aside. It's just how I felt for the game.

killyourfm4193d ago

and unfortunately I had a difficult time getting into it. I'm not denying the brilliance of it, just couldn't enjoy the game mechanics for some reason.

bgrundman4193d ago

I didn't realize that they had a Mac version that worked outside of steam. I will have to look into it for my mac.

TheIneffableBob4193d ago

A Linux version is coming out as well, if it's not already out.

bgrundman4193d ago

I hear that the WiiWare version of this game is pretty solid too. Can anybody else substantiate that?

CrAppleton4193d ago

Manda J from the GamesAreEvil Forum says the same

TheForgotten0ne4193d ago

Wasn't it made for WiiWare? Then later ported or what they did to PC?

JimmyJames704193d ago

"Roaming Goo Balls" That's funny. Goo balls. I just like saying it. Can only imagine what goo balls looks like. Goo balls.

bgrundman4193d ago

"mmmmm.... Goo Balls... " -- Homer Simpson

CrAppleton4193d ago

I thought it was more like.. "mmm goo balls!" --Paris Hilton

theEnemy4193d ago

I hope this will be also available on PSN and XBA so many gamers will be able to play this underrated game. :D