Lords Of The Fallen's Update v.1.1.507 Brings Major QoL Change; Stability Improvements

The Lords of the Fallen update v.1.1.507 has brought much-needed changes to the Soulslike RPG, including more stability on AMD GPUs.

Psychonaut85125d ago

Got it at launch, lots of potential but it was rough. Stopped playing. Might hop back in in a month or so, seems like the developer has been steadily fixing it. Should have been delayed

lucian229124d ago

same thing for me kinda, i waited a few months, but while kinda fun, the sense of direction was really bad and it was difficult to know where to go or where you'd been. even the waypoint feature was confusing and i didn't really know where it was sending me lol. if not for that i would have beaten it


Lords of the Fallen Update Adds Boss Rush Modes, Improves Performance in Time for Game Pass Launch

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New free Lords of the Fallen update adds genre-defining modifier system

Are you ready to become the Master of Fate? That's what you'll be doing with the latest free update for Lords of the Fallen.

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Lords Of The Fallen Update v.1.1.560 Finally Adds QoL Feature For Duplicates

The Lords of the Fallen update v.1.1.560 brings a number of stability and performance optimizations for the game, and a much-awaited fix.