MacLife Review: Pots and Pans: Pool Games on iPhone

(Disclaimer - this is a multi-game review with many scores for each)

MacLife: "This pool game may be light on trappings such as player animations and environments, but the accurate physics and tight controls make this one of most challenging and accurate billiards games on the iPhone. You choose your basic style of play--either 9-ball, or U.S.- or U.K.-style 8-ball--then compete in the career mode, single matches, or a trick-shot arcade setting against some hardcore AI. You'll jockey a disembodied pool cue using touch controls that are just sensitive enough to aim your shot, adjust English on the ball, and then drag back the pool cue for appropriate power. The 3D tables, free-roaming camera, and lighting effects provide some visual splendor even if the static tournament-style backgrounds don't exactly pop."

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