MacLife Review: Rolando

MacLife: "Rolando is a cheery and clever iPhone platformer. The game certainly doesn't break any new ground, but it's a lot of fun.

Your goal is to get as many rolly-polly Rolandos--and possibly a Royal Rolando--through the door at the end of each level. You select a single Rolando by tapping it; from there, you roll it along the landscape by tilting left or right. Jump over enemies and up to higher ledges by swiping a finger up. It's easy to move one Rolando at a time, but moving more than one can be taxing. Ronaldos are grouped together by dragging your finger over any that you see; once selected, they'll all follow your actions. But as each one adheres to the game's physics, they get separated quickly. And a number of inconsistencies in the control scheme--notably the selection and deselection process--make group movement even harder."

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