Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service grows to 34 million subscribers

The Verge writes: "The 34 million figure is reflective of the fact Xbox Series S / X consoles haven’t been selling as well as PS5 hardware, and that consumers aren’t flocking to Game Pass for Xbox Cloud Gaming on mobile devices. Microsoft also started converting Xbox Live Gold subscribers over to Xbox Game Pass Core last year, and Microsoft has confirmed the 34 million includes those subscribers, too."

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Vengeance113867d ago

"Grows" thats a VERY generous word.

Jin_Sakai67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

These numbers include Core so Game Pass didn’t really grow. If anything it’s slowed considerably.

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Jin_Sakai67d ago

“The 34 million figure is reflective of the fact Xbox Series S / X consoles haven’t been selling as well as PS5 hardware, and that consumers aren’t flocking to Game Pass for Xbox Cloud Gaming on mobile devices. Microsoft also started converting Xbox Live Gold subscribers over to Xbox Game Pass Core last year, and Microsoft has confirmed the 34 million includes those subscribers, too.“


itsmebryan67d ago

But, it didn't slow by 26% like Playstation's operating income. I think Microsoft will be OK.
Thanks for concerns.

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Chevalier67d ago

It actually dropped if you consider in 2022 they had 25 million Gamepass and 12 million gold subscribers totalling 37 million. Now they folded Gold into Gamepass and they're down to 34 million for a net loss of 3 million.

Einhander197267d ago


This whole thing was just a big tough guy posturing session acting relevant when in reality is PS5 and the near end of life Switch both outsold xbox 4+ to one last year. They act like they are giving something out but what they need is revenue from and exposure on those platforms.

Multiple reliable sources (2k several industry tracking companies) have revealed that at the end of 2023 SX had only sold 23m and that 2023 was actually down far more than vgchartz would have you believe.

And as you point out 34 million is way down for the count of gold subscribers before they converted them to game pass so even that seems down dramatically.

"Xbox Live Reaches Record With 48 Million Active Subscribers - Forbes"

shinoff218367d ago

It's not ms you need concern for, it's the Xbox division that's the issue. Ms won float this forever. Those funds to buy up those numerous publishers and studios weren't from the Xbox division. If that sh don't grow ms won't be happy.

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darthv7267d ago

it could grow quicker if they are allowed to release more ABK games on it... but the conditions of the deal are limited. They have a bunch of content that would be good for sparking subs but they can't do anything with it... for now anyway.

Bathyj67d ago

I doubt the conditions of the deal are the only factors. Selling ABK games makes money. That's why they bought them. Of course they need to wait a while before that deal breaks even but it would take even longer if they just gave all them games away.

shinoff218367d ago

What conditions. Weren't acti games going on gamepass in March or some sh

DarXyde67d ago

There are two types of people who really care about this:

1. Shareholders/investors
2. Fanboys

For both groups, I'm glad they're being misled about growth of the service. If this makes you happy as you acknowledge the reality that Microsoft (and likely Sony and Nintendo in due course) embraces the growth of AI to replace labour, you're kind of garbage.

I hope their games sell terribly on all other platforms.

ChasterMies67d ago

Some game enthusiasts like to peak behind the curtain, like sports fans who want to know the details of a 5 year contract or movie fans who want to know the box office.

DarXyde66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


Fully understand the interest, but do you *really care*? As in you're fully invested in this? Thrilled by MS making more money? That's a bit much.

I get caring to the extent that it gives you comfort to know a service or platform you enjoy is assured good support, but I don't really get people who *really care* about it. I like PlayStation, but I don't lose any sleep when PS5 misses its she's target.

Eonjay67d ago

It actually literally stopped. I don't know how they are supposed to reach those numbers they gave the FTC for GP to be profitable.

Plague-Doctor2767d ago

They straight up can't reach that goal. They need to triple subs in the next 3 years and they havent even grown at all in the last 2. Subscription growth for PS+ has stalled too. Global recession at play here. It's why both MS and Sony are exploring new strategies

ocelot0767d ago

According to Tom who interviewed Phill. This number also includes Gamepass Core.

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EasilyTheBest67d ago

So 34 Million subscribers with the Majority paying for Ultimate at £12.99. That's roughly 440 thousand pounds per month.
No highs & lows just a constant close to half a Million a month.

I_am_Batman67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

You're off by three orders of magnitude there, so it's not quite as bad as you made it sound, but still - when you consider that a game like Modern Warfare II alone generated almost 2 months of Gamepass revenue in 3 days it becomes quite clear why this pace of growth won't cut it for Microsoft if they want to rely primarily on subscriptions for their heavy hitters.

It's kinda funny that Microsoft has maneuvered themselves into this situation, where a good portion of their core fanbase doesn't want to pay for the games anymore, but at the same time they're protesting the big games going multiplatform, which effectively means they don't want anyone else to pay for it either.

As a result we're seeing games that actually could work under the GP model go multiplat, while games that need à la carte most, stay exclusive for now.

I said this for years, but at some point something's got to give. If growth of the service stagnates either prices have go up, cost have to be cut or additional revenue streams need to be found. Most likely it's gonna be a combination of all these factors.

Eonjay67d ago

I think Microsoft has decided to 'back into' profitability on Xbox. The fanatics should be satisfied with the PR show and it should be enough to keep them distracted long enough to get this plan into motion. Start with 4 games. Still expect Starfield this year after the DLC drops in September. And other games will be be released as they hit the year mark. They have an assortment of older titles they can do as well, but Microsoft will get it done. The not have a wealth of content they can use get revenue.

shinoff218367d ago

Idda paid for a few just to have my library on ps consoles. Ms doesn't want me to buy physically then I just won't buy on their console. I'll stick to gamepass exclusively.

Einhander197267d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I don't know where you got that "Majority paying for Ultimate at £12.99" part, because they is clearly not true.

"Microsoft also started converting Xbox Live Gold subscribers over to Xbox Game Pass Core last year, and the company has confirmed to The Verge that the 34 million includes those subscribers, too."

It's likely true that the number of actual game pass subscribers is lower than the 25M they said in the past and I still firmly believe that the majority of actual game pass subscribers are on PC and wouldn't even want Ultimate.

"No highs & lows just a constant close to half a Million a month"

Then realize that they need to fund 29 (or how ever many studios they have) whole development budget plus put enough 3'rd party games on the service to keep it interesting then on top of that pay for all the costs in running and maintaining the service.

Reality check, xbox is burning money like a forest fire.

ApocalypseShadow67d ago

It's what I've been saying. There's no way they would spend 80 billion, then fund all those developers that would cost billions to make games, then give them away in a subscription service. Just no way. If Sony and Nintendo denied them access to their systems, Xbox would be sure as dead. They would have to close multiple developers or sell them to someone else. They had to go multiplatform.

They F'd themselves over. And we've seen it a long time ago. Their fans just didn't want to listen. There's games on Xbox. Some good ones. But worldwide, most don't want to buy an Xbox. And their fans don't want to buy games. But kept promoting game pass over and over.

They deserve the fallout.

andy8567d ago

I know you meant million so ill answer it to that. Absolutely miles out. Like 10 million of those are GP core and do you think rest are all paying £12.99? My ultimate was £100 for 3 years, buying gold and converting it. Do you realise how many do that? That £12.99 became under £3 from me.

Sephiroushin67d ago

I and few of my friends a couple months ago also paid 90$ for 3 years by converting it and using another region codes, i think it was from Turkey... some of my friends use the points they give for using their browser etc to get gamepass so they technically do not spend a dime

XBManiac66d ago

I pay less than 1$ for GP a month... well... it still is an user. I've been doing this for years. Does it count?

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RGB67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The fact that it includes the old Xbox Live Gold number (which is now GamePass Core) is very telling on how poor growth has been, but also that Gold was at best 9 million subs towards the end, a far cry from the dominating Xbox 360 days Microsoft wishes Xbox could return to.

A side note - PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium combined = 48 million.
Seems GamePass will be the 3rd biggest subscription service out of PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox by April this year.