Updates on the Xbox Business

Hear from Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty as they share updates on the Xbox business

RaidenBlack125d ago

As per Verge:
" Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell me the first two titles will be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, followed by Sea of Thieves and Grounded. "

Cacabunga125d ago

He says only 4 games will come and doesn’t mean other games are coming cause they are NOT..
Few seconds later he says xbox focus is to bring all games to other platforms and other players LOL

MrBaskerville125d ago

They always say that they will bring their games to as many people as possible, which means PC and Xbox in Spencer lingo.

LG_Fox_Brazil125d ago

"They always say that they will bring their games to as many people as possible, which means PC and Xbox"

And yet, here we are with four headed to Nintendo and Sony platforms. If those games make them some bucks, and they will, then you can bet that all the rest will arrive on PS5 and Switch (those that are possible).

fr0sty125d ago

They opened by saying "only 4 games", then spent the rest of the podcast justifying why bringing more games to other platforms is a good thing... which, as I called out 2 days ago, the 4 games is just them desensitizing their player base to the idea of them going full on multiplatform, and as more games get announced, they are going to start releasing them on other consoles as well. It'll probably start with a "first on Xbox", but before long they'll want to keep chasing that extra money from the better selling consoles, and they'll start releasing them day and date across all platforms.

They also made no commitment that GamePass day 1 releases will remain that way...

And as I called out 2 days ago, their talk of next gen was vague at best, leaving them an off-ramp should they decide to not make a new system.

343_Guilty_Spark125d ago

Looks like small games. Games over a year old, no Indy no Starfield.

Lightning77125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

He said 4 games are making it over. In fact LS games going forward will most likely be Multiplat. He never said all games are coming over. You missed the part where he said Hellblade, SF and Indy are staying. Games like those are staying.

Nice make believe but you are a fanboy so naturally you would spread misinformation and spread nonesense.

Good-Smurf125d ago

Sounds like he slow boiling the green frog but he's the one already on the verge of panicking instead.
Weird that it was clearly pre-recorded and treated as a video not a livestream podcast like they teased earlier.

crazyCoconuts125d ago

yup more double talk. not a strategy change, followed by a strategy change.
Guess we'll have to wait to see in practice what happens

fr0sty125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

He said 4 games are currently announced to be coming, and then spent the next half hour explaining to you why more announcements in the future is a good thing for the Xbox ecosystem... but you didn't want to hear that, so all you heard was "4 games". As mentioned above, this is slow boiling the frog so it doesn't jump ship. They want to keep the players they have on Xbox currently, while desensitizing you all to the idea of your exclusives no longer being exclusive. Before long more existing games will be announced just so you can dismiss them as "who cares, those are old games", and then when you see new games announced, you'll get a "first on Xbox"... and within a year or two, you'll be seeing all games announced to launch multiplatform day one.

They're breaking the truth to you slowly... and you not realizing that is just what they want, so you don't jump ship.

TheTony316125d ago

Phil said he doesn't rule out other games going to PS5/Nintendo in the future. You really think they'll stop at just 4 games? This is just the beginning.

shinoff2183125d ago

I don't think people realize how much physiology goes into marketing. Yes 4 games now then slowly but surely more and more then oops we accidently made this aaa game for ps5 we might as well release it right. It's mind games to ease into it.

Kiryu1992124d ago

Inagine if Phil said all games are coming to PS5. Internet would have a meltdown by announcing only 4 games they are easing the blowback. He said something along the lines of these games are more than a year old so their avenues for generating more revenue have slowed while other platforms allow them to sell them as full price and make a lot of revenue

We all should read between the lines. Phil himself said moving forward there will be less and less exclusives on any platform

The cost of Spider-Man 2 was “300 million” and GTA reportedly will cost over a billion so as the cost of making games go up these corporations aren’t charity they want to make as much money as possible

Extermin8or3_124d ago

in his interview he literally says if these sell well they will be coming accross

343_Guilty_Spark124d ago

Yeah all small games. Congratulations you played yourself!

StormSnooper124d ago

I wonder if he will remain lord and savior Spencer to Xbox fanbase after this.

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Christopher125d ago

It feels like they're doing similar to PlayStation, just more than PC. We'll get a trickle of new games each year, not the whole portfolio.

VenomUK125d ago

That podcast didn’t do Xbox any favours,

VenomUK125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Sarah Bond: “There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday. We’re also invested in the next-generation roadmap.”

‘Share’ doesn’t mean release, it means reveal. The XSX Pro will be revealed and released Christmas 2025.
The ‘we’re also invested’ refers to something different which is next-gen Xbox.

I don’t think Microsoft should release an Xbox Pro, it did it with the Xbox One X and it boasted that it had the most powerful hardware but then the gap between its launch and the XSX release was too small and I believe hurt the console’s sales. This is what happened with Sega’s 32x which hurt the Sega Saturn.

Christopher125d ago

***I don’t think Microsoft should release an Xbox Pro***

I don't think midgen updates are useful at all anymore and only make more issues than they solve.

badz149124d ago


Not useful at all? The introduction of performance modes for the XboneX and PS4Pro was a huge revelation for console gaming in general and it carries over to this gen which has been awesome.

Christopher124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

***Not useful at all? The introduction of performance modes for the XboneX and PS4Pro was a huge revelation for console gaming***

Literally weren't huge revelations. Quickly went out with next generation and this generation can't even maximize on their capabilities, let alone release games that don't need plentiful number of patches to fix their issues. We're in an age of more and more game crashing in AAA games, not less. And the advancement of technology is a fraction of the past generation and the next generation will be similar. We're really only chasing framerates at 4k here now. Technology isn't evolving enough and publishers don't want their developers pushing too hard because it's just not worth the extra work.

MontyeKristo124d ago

@Christopher - I believe midgen updates are just a cashgrab and to allow new owners to jump in for cheaper.

Current owners sell their basic system for cheaper to newcomers and then put that money towards the 'pro.' Getting more players in and selling more consoles.

FinalFantasyFanatic124d ago

They've already fragmented their installation base with the Series S and Series X, let's not make it worse with a Series Pro or something, the Series S was such a bad idea.

Notellin124d ago

@badz149 Yes the mid generation upgrades were completely useless and never used optimally.

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RaidenBlack125d ago

Sarah Bond teases the next generation Xbox will be the “largest technical leap ever”
Mentions new hardware options in the Series X|S line coming out this fall, potentially a handheld console.

“There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday. We’re also invested in the next-generation roadmap. What we’re really focused on there is delivering the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.”

GamingSinceForever125d ago

And so will PC and PlayStation. 🤷🏾‍♂️