Euro SOCOM Confrontation date still MIA

Eurogamer writes: "Sony has told Eurogamer that SOCOM Confrontation has still to be given a European date, despite the US version launching as long ago as October.

The news also contradicts UK online retailers ShopTo, Play, Amazon and GAME, which all suggest the boxed PS3 game with wireless headset will arrive on 13th February for around 35 quid."

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crillyconlig4196d ago

once people get killzone2, be no time for another online game

Pennywise4196d ago

Maybe they are waiting for a final version of this game... lol

wil4hire4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Its like eating a good meal, but in between parts, you accidentally eat chunks of turds. Thats the only way i can describe Socom.

Its good, not great. Has a good community. But even that is wearing then with the litany of Technical failures that plague the engine.


the MENU isn't even stable. That should give you an idea of the rest of the game.

Slant6 is a terrible developer, Socom sucks. And the die hard community is the onlything keeping it together. For Socoms sake, I'd hope that not everyone is turned onto the speed of kz2. But its going to be tempting.

Pennywise4196d ago

The random freezes are totally unacceptable... And yeah, from what you said - HOW THE HELL do you mess up a menu??? hahah

/6 is a joke. If the game cost me more than $10 with the mic I would probably be pissed off.

Cyber Gamer4196d ago

after pre-ordering it then told it comes again in after 1 months time i have decided not to buy the game no more they r taking the piss they should tell us people the real date not keep on changing it its not like this is killzone with the wow factor i have lost my faith in socom bye bye socom lol