Eurogamer: Coming Attractions: Indie & Esoterica

Eurogamer writes: "Among gaming mags and websites, previews of the year to come are a New Year tradition as inescapable as only going to the gym for the first three weeks of January - and like the annual rush to aerobic renewal, they often fizzle into half-hearted exertion with the cold snap.

In other words, we're not sure we can face another week of name, paragraph, name, paragraph either. So this year, we've decided to be picky.

We've chosen a dozen categories - Shooters, Racing, Action, Adventure, MMOs, RPGs, Sports, Music, Fighting, Strategy, Indie and Esoterica - and divided games among them. In keeping with our Coming Attractions theme, we then give one game Star Billing, and name a Supporting Cast of four of its contemporaries."

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