"I don't know where [the female-friendly makeover] came from,Ex- Crystal Dynamics Creative Director speaks.

Eric Lindstrom, ex-Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics, has spilled all on the development of Tomb Raider Underworld, after he was one of 30 employees made redundant from the developer following disappointing sales.

In a post on the Tomb Raider Forums, Lindstrom defended his game upon claims disappointing sales were down to a lack of game polish - and also responded to Eidos hints of a 'female-friendly' makeover for Lara

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NinjaRyu3568d ago

it's on page 13 in the thread!

vitz33568d ago

I thought it was "family-friendly"

rogimusprime3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

no one deserves to lose their job. But I guess good ol' tomb raider has lost its luster. I don't think the reason it didn't sell better was because she isn't a D cup anymore. But when I was 15 at the time the first game came out, it defin. helped me out in the purchase decision.

Good luck to all the laid off workers at CD. The industry is tough right now.

NinjaRyu3568d ago

she's already female-friendly! If she became anymore more female-friendly she be like one of those felmale male hating women you see on the lifetime network. I think the game would of did well if #1 they didn't released the game in November & #2 they didn't release the damn game on every system known to man! I hope this female-friendly doesn't turn out the way I think it will be otherwise I'd might not be able to enjoy the Tomb Raider games the same way anymore or ever buy & new Tomb Raider game! Damn, I wish they did these makeovers for stereotype charaters in video games like Cole Train(As much as I like the GOW series). OH well, I guess just like in life(not as much anymore with obama in the white house but still to a point!)minorities in video games are still seen as stereotypes.