Breaking: Judge Rejects Video Game Murder Defense for Halo 3 Teen

Despite his lawyer's claim that a supposed addiction to Halo 3 turned Daniel Petric into a killer, an Ohio judge has found the 17-year-old guilty in the 2007 slaying of his mother and wounding of his father.

As GamePolitics reported during Petric's December trial, the young man ambushed his parents after they confiscated his copy of Halo 3. After shooting both, the troubled boy tried to frame his father by placing the gun in his hand.

Petric could be sentenced to life without parole.

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sinncross3593d ago

Good, he deserves to be in prison.
Shooting your own mother and father (and killing the former) just because they didn't approve of a video game purchase is disgusting. What is this world coming to?

Arsenic133593d ago

Crazy kid looks deranged. Look at his eyes. Hope he gets life. Psychos need to stay off the street.

GiantEnemyCrab3593d ago

What a shame these mental psycho's are using video games as their scapegoat.

This kid is evil at his core with or without games.