Eurogamer: 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix Review

Herein lies the rub. There is so little replay potential here, so little urge to top high scores or perfect shoddy make-do attempts, that completing each task feels more of a relief than an achievement. A palpable sense of 'thank the undefined omnipotent deity that Eurogamer will never have to do that again' sets in remarkably quickly. The package lacks the charm, frantic attitude and mental acrobatics of Wario, the polish and familiarity of 42 All-Time Classics, and the style and coherency of Rub Rabbits or Feel the Magic: XY/XX. In a crowded market, it's not the worst offering by far, but there are several better ways to spend your money, many of which are now residing in bargain bins and liquidation sales across the nation.

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