Killzone 2 has no CGI-Animation, everything is real time

Back in 2005, Sony showed the world 'that Killzone 2 video', everyone was stunned, many people doubted the video as being 'fake'.

Killzone 2 has come a very long way but one question is still remaining… are all the cutscenes CGI-Animated?

The short answer is no. Guerilla Games recently confirmed on the US Official Playstation forums that there will not be any CGI based cutscene's in the game. Everything you see will be rendered in real time.

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Capt CHAOS3660d ago

when they do a 360 port. <jest>

sit down droid3660d ago

hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm.....yes ok / sarcasm

GiantEnemyLobster3660d ago

After the flop of a game that was MGS4 with its 10 hour long cutscenes, they finally became smart. Leave the cutscenes to a REAL company, like MS or Nintendo.

liquidsnake3660d ago

Yeah, a REAL sh1t company that is MS.

cryymoar3659d ago

Crabs, you haven't played a PS3. If you did, it was probably on a 4 inch TV the size of your wang. Try not to say anything stupid again please. MGS4 is better than Gears 2 and everybody knows that.

Ilikegames763659d ago

You sound like a ten year old trying to be an adolescent. Quit talking nonsense.

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solidjun53660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

mesh1 was saying that all the animations was pre-recorded. I was like "HAHAHA, wow. That has to be the funniest I heard all year and the year is short."

Regardless, I'm giddy in anticipation for this game. I can't wait to pop this in and play it in HD. tee hee.

Aaron Greenterd3660d ago

My company better just pack it in and head home....

To our virtual apartments of course! The 360 may not succeed but we will sure try to make money off of Sony with our own Microsoft Videogame Archive space in Sony Home.

We will be selling virtual 360's so users can decorate their gaming spaces with outdated tech. These come with no warranty and no refunds, of course.

FantasyStar3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Sure it's real-time, but pre-rendered cut-scenes is just as bad as CGI because it allows the fanboys to nitpick certain aspects and that sparks turns into something messy: like this.

"OMG! Intro Video is pre-rendered. PS3 CAN'T HANDLE IT! 360 FTW!"

I don't believe for one second that the intro-video shown as CES '09 was rendering all of that in real-time on the PS3. I do believe that the video is using the KZ2 engine though on a supercomputer due to limitations of the PS3 itself to render all those things at once.

Meh, what high-profile game hasn't pulled that trick yet? MGS4, Gears 1, Gears 2 for starters have used the in-game's engine to pre-render intense cut-scenes that would be impossible for the PS3 to render in real-time at an acceptable rate.

Crazywhitie3660d ago

A rendered in real time Movie is the Same as CGI to me... If you want to use the word Real Time then rendered shouldn't go with it, It will be a pre-recorded video that has been tweaked here and there... same with are other games... The Cut scenes will look far better then the Game therefore Real time is out the window

FantasyStar3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

People should realize that even movies use supercomputers to achieve high visual fidelity all the time. Whether it's sound effects, modeling, down to high-class graphical simulators that developers pay by the hour to use.

I don't blame Guerrilla for choosing to go this route one bit. In fact, by doing this: they can significantly shorten their development time and get the game out sooner to make some money because instead of trying fiddle with resources to pick out the right ones that can be time consuming; Guerrilla simply takes all the code and feeds it in and the supercomputer spits out pure gold.

The only time I have a problem with this method is when the developers themselves try to mask the word "pre-rendered" under the word "rendered real-time" because that's purposely misleading people and that's awful. It gets the fanboys riled up and we end up in a PS3 recession because someone decided to try and play "PR man" -twisting words to make some sound better than others. FUD is created, and flame wars are inevitable when you see that one thread "KZ2 cutscene pre-rendered = PS3 FAIL".

If the developer just came out and said "hey, we used our in-house PS3s to pre-render this cutscene" -I'd be like "wow, cool!". But the fact that they're purposely misleading people is what irritates me. Who here actually likes being lied to?

Ju3660d ago

MGS4 had pre-rendered CGI ? Do I have Alzheimer or ... I just can remember...

callahan093660d ago

@Fantasy Star (and anybody that read his ridiculous post):

That post up there has got to be filled with more "wrong" than anything I've ever read on this site. Are you joking or what? I can't tell. MGS4 had absolutely no pre-rendered cutscenes, it was all rendered in real-time. 100% of them.

What about the above quote don't you understand? NO pre-rendered cutscenes, everything is real-time. The PS3 can handle it. Period.

FantasyStar3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

MGS4 didn't have pre-rendered CGI. It's simply pre-rendered. It's basically using your in-game engine in an outside environment like a supercomputer/SDKs to render the rest of your work: then that footage is recorded and used as a cut-scene so that the PS3 isn't doing the work, but just streaming the footage. Although just to clear things up. MGS4 used 1-2 pre-rendered cutscenes out of the entire pack: so I'd still consider it acceptable. The same goes with Gears 1/2: 1-2 out of the 20 real-time rendered cutscenes is still acceptable.


Perhaps I might've read it wrong, but we will see when KZ2 drops in February. I learned not to trust developers as much anymore. For example, if Beyond3D forum members didn't expose Haze as being rendered at sub-HD resolutions of 1024x576, would the PR really have told us in the first place? The fact of the matter is that if developers have something to hide. They'll do what they can to cover the truth until they get called out. When they have no where to run: that's when they'll admit it they were misleading people.

Skerj3660d ago

Yup MGS4 used prerendered cutscenes, it wasn't like I could you know INTERACT with them as if they were realtime. Oh I could you say? I could shake the controller and clear Snake's Octocam and sometimes alter the view? Why. ..that's just something you'd be able to do in a realtime cutscene, not some prerecordered video playing back. *Gasp* This revelation blows my mind!!

On a less sarcasm filled note, GG has met and exceeded expectations for this game. They delivered and that's all that matters. You can all sit on the sidelines and b*tch and whine about minute details even though you've enjoyed "lesser" games in the past (graphically speaking), or you can let go and play the damn game and have fun.

staub913660d ago

Everyone was criticizing GG for their 2005 trailer, because it was CGI and had no real-time.

3 and half years later...

GG has all real time and no CGI, plus it looks and runs better than the original CGI.

Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves, they stepped up to the challenge and delivered big time. They amaze me.

Congrats GG!

gambare3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Do you have the slight idea of what PRE RENDER means? no? ok I'll leave you a simple wiki:

Sony has been doing pre renders since the PSX era, one of the most famous pre render movies was in the game FFVII, but the in game movies in KZ2 are not PRE RENDER, those are RTR or real time render

sorry to burst your bubble but the PS3 is an awesome RTR machine and guerrilla knows it and proves it

thewhoopimen3660d ago

Skerj made an excellent point FantasyStar, how do you explain that every Snake CGI screen is interactive where you can actually shake the controller and change Snake's camo at ANY given point? Is it still rendered with the a farm of servers?

IdleLeeSiuLung3660d ago

Now this would be awesome! However, the source of the article points to a forum and not even the actual post they are reffering to. I don't feel like wading through 68 pages of messages to confirm. Until I see real proof, I call shenanigans.

It would be awesome if true, because this would set the standard for the next PS3 games!!! Bout time they unlock the promised power of my PS3!

badz1493660d ago are you babbling about? are you even understand the meaning of pre-rendered? meh...what ever make you sleep better at night. once KZ2 released, please make sure that you don't forget to swallow your own words!

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SSCOOLCHEA3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

There wouldn't be enough hospital beds for burn victims

sit down droid3660d ago

pretty sad comment but i lold

morganfell3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

With Robbie Bach stating this morning that due to the financial situation this generation will last longer than the last, the PS3's heretofore unseen ability should make gamers sit up and take notice.

The PS3 is capable of things that most people will not believe until they see it. Epic is now officially old hat and the Unreal 3 engine yesterday's news.

Bach also downplayed the idea of a 10 year life cycle stating Sony made a mistake. Right Mr "4 years kill the Xbox" hang your fans out to dry.

dragunrising3660d ago

Killzone 2 doesn't need CGI. Aside from being resource intensive, it is plain to see the engine has almost reached parity. In other words: Killzone 2 looks too good to use resource hogging CGI because it already looks just as good.

Just got Killzone 1 in the mail today :-)

PS: Morgan...I know we have our differences, however its good that we'll both be able to play Killzone 2. Cheers.

morganfell3660d ago

It would not fly on the 360. The team utilized 6 SPUs at times.

Torch3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You are correct, although having Killzone ported to the 360 would still prove beneficial to it's fanbase by serving as the most outstanding-slideshow screensaver utility ever to be on the console. ;)