Sony Drops Full Year PS5 Sales Target to 21 Million Units, Expects Shipments Decline From Next Year

Sony CFO and COO Hiroki Totoki talked about the PlayStation Business and announced a revision to the PS5 sales prediction for the full fiscal year. The company also doesn't expect to release any game from major existing first-party franchises until April 2025.

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-Foxtrot126d ago

“ The company also doesn't expect to release any game from major existing first-party franchises until April 2025”

The actual f***

What the hell have some of these studios been working on? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is because of their GaaS plans being scaled back and the studios have went through a knock on effect but still

Abriael126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Major *existing* franchises. They're quite possibly working on new franchises. We know that Naughty Dog and Insomniac are both working on new franchises for instance.

Santa Monica is likely still working on GoW, but it's not very realistic to expect the next GoW before April 2025.

Eonjay126d ago

Exactly... and we already know the next Marvel game in the Spiderman universe isn't coming till 2025. This is actually good to hear. I want to play something new.

RaidenBlack126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Cory Barlog is likely working on a new franchise.
"PlayStation Wants to Improve Operating Profit with a More Aggressive PC First-Party Games Release Plan" :

Abriael126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

@RaidenBlack: Didn't say "more." That's just the writer's invention while trying to sensationalize something they're already doing to make it sound like news and grab some clicks.
In reality, it was just a comment in passing in response to a question on how they can improve profitability, not really something you should interpret as an announcement of a change in direction.

Eonjay126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Any new existing major first party titles. This means we are only getting new IP this year. I don't know about you but I'm actually glad they aren't releasing another TLoU , GOW or Spiderman in the next year. Give it a break and give me something new.

-Foxtrot126d ago

I highly doubt we’re getting a new big IP released this year

They would have revealed it last year to build up hype as it would be a new IP with nothing behind it.

Even sequels to big franchises get revealed a little earlier and the hype is already there for them.

I mean it would be nice for them to start revealing games when they are ready but I doubt it with a big new IP.

Eonjay126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

What do you mean by big? If it's new it could still be big... once it releases.
Like look at Helldivers... it may be 'big' IP now but it wasn't 2 weeks ago lol.
I totally get your point about 'build up' but then again we know Concord is coming this year and yet we have seen literally zero gameplay thus far lol. Could still be big. But I can't read the future and I'm fine admitting I just don't know. My preference is to get games within 6 months of being announced. I (personally) really don't like waiting years for a game.

"I mean it would be nice for them to start revealing games when they are ready"

This 100%

Abriael126d ago

The fact that Totoki-san made sure to say "existing" major franchises feels like something major from a new franchise is coming, otherwise he wouldn't have specified that IMHO.

blackblades126d ago

Same, some times you just want something new

-Foxtrot126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I mean “big” as in the difference between having something smaller “AA” wise to something big as in, for example, Sony Santa Monica’s new Sci-Fi IP

Basically when the company like Sony doesn’t know how big it will be on release

The bigger the IP, in terms of resources and budget, the more they will want to hype it up for as much exposure as possible

__SteakDeck__126d ago

@Abriael There’s rumors that Firespirte’s new IP is coming next year.

outsider1624126d ago

Well this gives me time to complete somenof my backlog of games..lol. Too many games to play so little time.

darthv72126d ago

Some of those new titles this year will be remakes/remasters. Par for the course

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Jin_Sakai126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

“What the hell have some of these studios been working on? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is because of their GaaS plans being scaled back and the studios have went through a knock on effect but still“

I think most of this boils down to the Jim Ryan effect. His ambitious GaaS plans put setbacks on all the major studios. He’d also been better off acquiring Arrowhead Game Studios than Bungie that cost $3.5 billion.

RaidenBlack126d ago

Looks like most internal studios' next projects are being developed with the PS5 Pro in mind and will launch either along with Pro's launch or after ...

" PS5 Pro Price Could Be Around $500 Without Disc Drive; Specs Partially ‘Confirmed’ " :


RaidenBlack126d ago

And don't have to worry coz, MS will instead port some of their franchises to PS during this interim 'dry' period

gold_drake126d ago

yeeh this is definitely because of the gaas stuff.

EvertonFC126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Pandemic didn't help and I'm sure timelines and GaaS didn't help either.
I'm guessing a few factors at play, also it takes 5 years to make a AAA game so always gonna have a dry period when timelines sometimes don't add up.
It's not rocket science it just takes a long time and there is ONLY so many AAA employees out there to make these games.

Cacabunga126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Well nothing is being announced which is normal we do not see any thing major before next year.it is different times we are in it is really disappointing how Sony is handling their 1st party games and communication.

Wait, is wolverine now pushed beyond April 2025?

NotoriousWhiz126d ago

Isn't Wolverine still coming this year?

-Foxtrot126d ago

Late 2025 or sometime in 2026

Especially after the leaks

RaidenBlack126d ago

nah ... it was always 2025+ game ... and if GTA VI gets fall-2025 release, then I doubt Sony will contest that release space.

CrimsonWing69126d ago

If o have to guess this is due to the Jim Ryan situation forcing studios to do GaaS games. They might be changing some of those into traditional games.

If I’m being honest I think the industry is harming itself. Raising game prices and pushing a design model people aren’t interested in. Making more Remakes and Remasters than necessary.

This gen has been the worst generation I’ve ever experienced. It was almost pointless to get a PS5 at launch when games were coming out cross-gen and cheaper on the PS4. I mean, now we’re seeing more PS5 only games, but this gen is coming near its end. Next year is the new Xbox… very underwhelming generation.

itsmebryan126d ago

They missed projected sales by 4 million and operating income is down 26%!

Like I have been saying things aren't as rosy on they Playstation side as people here think. The lack of 1st party games was the first sign. Then, their whole showcase being 3rd party games they bought.

I'm curious to see how they turn this around.

Chevalier126d ago

Oh yeah they only sold 21 million units in a single calender year how will they cope. When even the Switch has broken 20 million only twice and Xbox has never done that much sales in a single year ever.

itsmebryan126d ago

Those sales mean nothing if there operating income DROPPED 26%!
Do get that? Operating income funds games, infrastructure, and R&D for new consoles. Sony lost over 1/4 of theirs and have no 1st party games coming this year to fix that.

Now they have to pay for their 3rd party exclusives and that's even more money going out.

victorMaje126d ago

Not great, but It was to be expected after the whole GaaS debacle...but like others have said, "existing" may be a hint here (hopefully :) ). New IPs are always welcome. If it takes the others until 2025 to release quality titles then so be it, I'd rather they don't rush anything. I know 1 thing though, ND better make something crazy good.

Lightning77126d ago

Concord and fairgames are on the horizon. Hopefully those turn out great.