Wireless TV-out comes to the PC... via the PS3

While the PS3 can stream many forms of content from your PC to your television, a new product from Golden Signals called Display Share wants to make any television a display for your PC. You'll simply need a PS3 as the intermediary.

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prunchess3564d ago

It's a pity they are looking for 50 bucks for the program though!

Charmers3564d ago

For 50 bucks you can get a TV card for the PC that will display TV so seems a bit pointless to me.

FrankenLife3564d ago

It isn't entirely pointless. There are many people out there that would rather use a program than install a new card. Regardless of how simple it may be to set up the card. People unfamiliar to it may be intimidated. Though you're right that it should be cheaper.

Vitalogy3564d ago

I've tried the trial version and must say, this is completly useless LOL who the hell in his perfect sence spents 50 bucks on that!?