Teamxbox: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Preview (Xbox 360)

While none of the X-Men are cheery, happy-go-lucky mutants happy with their fate, there's no doubt that the edgiest of them all is Wolverine. He seems to have a bad attitude about everything and is a Grumpy Gus to all those around him. Every day in Wolverine's world seems to be Monday. Perhaps what we haven't seen is his struggles-such as maybe forgetting to retract his adamantium claws when absentmindedly scratching an itch or picking food out of his teeth. Sure, he can heal back to normal in a matter of seconds, but it's still got to sting-his wounds aren't going to be like little paper cuts, you know.

While it's not an RPG, the Wolverine game does enable our hero/anti-hero a way to earn XP, which will enable you to level him up through the course of the action. The improvements will make it easier for him to battle foes, parry their offensives, put together combos and make such special moves as a powerful lunge (which are brought up with a pull on the Right Trigger). His Feral Sense enables him to see places he can go as well as special locations.

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