Programming high-performance applications on the Cell BE processor, Part 2:

Take even greater advantage of the synergistic processing elements (SPEs) of the Sony® PLAYSTATION® 3 (PS3) in this installment of Programming high-performance applications on the Cell BE processor. Part 1 showed how to install Linux® on the PS3 and explored a short example program. Part 2 looks in depth at the Cell Broadband Engine processor's SPEs and how they work at the lowest level.

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Bathyj4286d ago

Oh, I get it. Its all so simple. Can't wait to get home and start making my own games......No seriously, I'm glad I'm just on the consumer end of the games industry, although if any devs out there need a playtester I'd be awesome. Thats what I'm good at, taking someone elses work and telling them what wrong with it. ;)

DJ4286d ago

Yeah dude, once I took a programming class I suddenly got respect for even the crappy devs. =P

Bathyj4286d ago

Yep its real easy for us to complain about every little thing but sometimes you need a different perspective to humble you a bit. We forget not only are these guys doing a technically difficult job, but they are artists as well and taste is subjective, as is when it comes to taste, there is no right or wrong, only opinion.

Me, I've never complained once about load times on a modern console because I had a Commodore 64 with a Tape deck. It took so long and and was so touchy, sometimes you had to actually leave the room to get a game to load I swear to God. If you poked your head in the door too early it would crash.


power0919994286d ago

The all mighty Commador 64 ownes the next gen. Console wars are over.

C64 is obviously the winner.


Merovee4285d ago

Did you ever take the time to record in all the coding on a tape to make even the most basic of games for that POS?!? I did a home version of "number munchers" from a commodore how to book when I was 9 it took me 3 days and was apparently for kindergarten to 1st grade level....... ROFL OMFG Thanks for the evil flashback!!!!!

sak5004285d ago

LOL, i remeber waiting 10mins of tape loading with weird multicolored lines on the tv and suddenly u move a muscle and the lines stop and the game stopped loading...AARG the frustation u felt at that. Later on once the tape player got older, i used to then put finger on the cassette to make it load correctly.

Also from one computer magazine coded in a 3d puzzle maze crap, took me a week or so and it dint work.

Bathyj4285d ago

Ha, I used to write my own "Choose your own adventure" stories where you'd read the text and choose A, B or C or whatever. Pushing the corresponding key would go straight to the next story segment WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO PUSH "ENTER". Man I though I was so clever. Ha.

Remeber, there's no school like the old school, and someone please bring back The Last Ninja, but only if you make it good. Otherwise just leave it alone.

sak5004285d ago

The Amiga 500 was the real next gen after c64. I loved it to death, till my 2nd one stopped workign and i washed it with water to see if it was the dust which was the problem. But alas the unit was as dead as king tut