Memstick matters: PSP Tool v0.8 released

Changelog for PSP Tool v0.8:

* Added options to create DC3, DC4, DC5, DC7, DC8 or an original 1.50 Update Flasher Magic Memory Sticks (read manual for requirements, same as original installers).
* Added a Memory Stick format function based on Hellcats Pandora Installer.
* The wave colours are now random and customizable (the wave colours can be changed by pressing SQUARE or holding L while pressing square toggles between the flash0 colours and the internal colours).
* Other minor alterations and fixes.
* Fixed crash when attempting to use a flash via USB when run under DC.
* All files (except loaded PRXs) are now stored in a zip archive in the PSAR section of the EBOOT for easy editing.
* Sources are no longer included to reduce file size.
* IdStorage keys are now saved and restored from a single file and the integrity of the file is validated before restoration.
* Added more information to the system information pandels.

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